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S Corporations: The Fundamentals and More Webinar


Jan. 15
11:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

CPE Credits



PICPA Member: $295 | Nonmember: $400

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Basic understanding of the taxation of individuals, corporations, S corps and partnerships.


Determine tax consequences of making the S corp election to the corporation and shareholders.Understand the application of the "qualified business income" deduction (IRC 199A)Recall requirements that must be satisfied to elect and maintain S corp status.Determine how to make an effective S corp election.Determine the income and stock basis effect of allocating corporate level items to the shareholders.Identify situations where shareholders could be limited in loss deductions.Identify tax planning opportunities related to election or termination of the S corp status.


Considers a wide range of topics related to S Corporations with the purpose of creating or refreshing a solid foundation of knowledge in this specialized area of the tax law.Review the requirements to elect S Corp status, the process of electing, and the consequences of the election. Discuss the decision to elect or terminate and the sale of the corporate business which create valuable insights and perspective for more advanced S Corp study in the future.


John McWilliams, CPA, JD is Professor of Accounting at Golden Gate University. Previously he was a Professor of Accounting at San Francisco State University. He began his career as a tax adviser with a Big Four CPA firm. For more than 30 years, while teaching, he has been a tax adviser to lawyers and CPAs regarding the tax matters of their clients. Areas of expertise include tax issues related to buying and selling privately held businesses, financially troubled businesses, business restructuring and reorganization and ownership succession to employees or family members. Mr. McWilliams is active in CalCPA, having served as president of the San Francisco Chapter, chair of the Financial Literacy Initiative, a member of the CalCPA Board of Directors serving as Vice Chair. He is currently a member of the Taxation Committee, the Financial Literacy Committe, and the Accounting Education Committee. He has served as a California representative to the AICPA Council and is currently a member of the AICPA Financial Literacy Commission. Mr McWilliams is author of two chapters of the CCH Expert Treatise Library : Federal Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders.

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