Audit Skills Training Lvl 2: Experienced Staff Day 2 Webinar
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Audit Skills Training Lvl 2: Experienced Staff Day 2 Webinar


Sept. 23
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

CPE Credits



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This webinar is hosted by PICPA's partner, CPA Crossings, LLC. After registering, you will receive an email from with the log-in information.


Auditing Skills Training: Level 2 is a two-day course presented on 09/22/2022 and 09/23/2022. Information and skills taught on Day 2 rely upon foundational skills built in the Day 1 session. Attendance for both days of the course is highly encouraged in order to receive the full range of information being presented. If attending both days, register for Day 1 and Day 2. Prepare for a greater level of responsibility on engagements, reflect on your experiences, and take basic knowledge to the next level. Use real-life case studies to learn how to perform high-quality audit procedures for common audit areas in nonpublic companies.

Learning Objectives:

After attending this presentation you will be able to...

  • Recognize the auditor's responsibilities for fraud
  • Recall best practices for identifying and evaluating audit risk
  • Identify risks and common techniques for auditing accounts receivable, inventory, liabilities, long-term debt, and more
  • Indicate the proper design and performance of analytical procedures on a financial statement audit
  • List tips for avoiding common mistakes when applying sampling on financial statement and compliance audits
  • Identify core concepts important for drafting and issuing audited financial statements, including disclosures


The major topics covered in this class include:

  • Fraud risk - Complying with minimum audit requirements
  • Best practices for identifying and evaluating audit risk - Linking risk to the detailed audit plan
  • Auditing accounts receivable - Focusing procedures for testing existence and valuation
  • Auditing inventory - Performing required physical inventory observations and other common procedures
  • Auditing liabilities, including long-term debt - Addressing the risks of completeness, classification, and disclosure
  • Analytical procedures - Comprehending financial statement audit fundamentals
  • Sampling - Avoiding common mistakes on financial statement and compliance audits
  • Audit reporting fundamentals - Introducing core concepts in the audited financial statement drafting and issuance process


Jennifer F. Louis, CPA Biography


Jennifer F. Louis, CPA has over 25 years of experience in designing and instructing high-quality training programs in a wide variety of technical and “soft skills” topics needed for professional and organization success.  In 2003, she founded Emergent Solutions Group, LLC, where she focuses her energy on designing and delivering high-quality, practical, and engaging accounting and auditing training.  She was most recently Director of Audit Product Development at Surgent Professional Education, and prior to that served as Executive Vice President/Director of Training Services at AuditWatch, Inc., a highly-respected training and audit process consulting firm.  Before joining AuditWatch, Jennifer was the Financial/Operational Audit Manager at AARP.  At the start of her professional career, Jennifer was an Audit Manager for Deloitte & Touche LLP, where she frequently served as a local and national instructor.  Jennifer graduated summa cum laude from Marymount University with a BBA-Accounting.  Besides loving life on the lake with her husband in Charlotte, NC, she enjoys hiking with her little dog Frodo Beggins, and savoring any precious moments spent with her two young adult boys.