Online Fraud Targeting Individuals & Companies



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We have all heard the statement that it is the people that work at a company that gives it value. It is, sometimes and unfortunately, also the people that provide fraudsters with an entry point into an organization that can lead to hardship. This is even more true now because cyber-attacks on both organization and individuals have increased notably. Many highly publicized corporate hacking events are successful, at least in part, because an individual was targeted. In this session, we look the types of fraud that take aim at individuals with a special focus on the growth of cyber-attacks. We then discuss measures that can be put forth to help employees protect both themselves and the organization.
  • Recall fraud methods that affect individuals
  • Identify how the connection between an employee and an employer can be exploited
  • Indicate ways to reduce this type of fraud risk.


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Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Accounting and other business professionals that would benefit by understanding how individual fraud schemes and ways mitigate the risk associated these schemes.


Karl Egnatoff

Taymes LLC