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  • Women planning retirement photo

    CPAs Address Concerns of Women Planning for Retirement

    The PICPA has partnered with the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center to develop the Retirement Income Solutions program for women over 50 years old. It is designed to help participants calculate their current wealth and make adjustments now so they can retire successfully.
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    Listen to the Story Your Financial Statements Are Telling You

    As a CPA, I understand how important financial statements are to a business, but it’s also important that business owners and leaders of not-for-profits understand the importance of financial statements. Financial statements tell the story of the business: they tell where the business has been and where it is headed.
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Member Spotlight

PICPA Young Leader - Jessica Brunner

Brunner_JessicaJessica Brunner is one of PICPA's Young Leaders Award recipients. Find out why her grandfather inspired her and her sister to run in Fitzy's Run.

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