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  • building portfolio image

    Building a Portfolio in Today’s Volatile Market

    A volatile stock market is a sure bet to fray your clients’ nerves. It may require a significant amount of hand-holding on your part as clients fret over protecting their nest egg. It doesn’t have to be like that.
  • woman in crowd

    Quiet Contributors in an Unquiet World

    Most of us are familiar with the two general personality types: introverts and extroverts. Many CPAs tend to line up on the quiet end of that spectrum since our profession attracts more analytical types than sales and marketing.


  • Maureen Renzi

    Will the Presidential Candidates’ Proposals Lower or Raise Your Taxes?

    Taxes are complicated. Deciphering proposed changes when they are part of the charged political rhetoric during election season is even more so. When you’re not familiar with the terms the candidates throw around, it’s nearly impossible to determine how proposed tax changes will affect you. Take this quick quiz to measure your knowledge of basic tax terms.
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  • Maureen Renzi

    Listen Up! Podcasts for CPAs

    CPAs who are looking for podcasts to stay current on professional and technical trends can now turn to the PICPA podcast series, CPA Conversations. The PICPA continually strives to give its members choices on how to get their information, and podcasts are an option that is growing in popularity.
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Member Spotlight

Jacquelyn Basso - Greater Philadelphia President

JacquiBasso_GPJacquelyn Basso is the 2016-2017 Greater Philadelphia Chapter president. She also serves on PICPA Council and the Personal Financial Planning Committee.

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