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  • Dave Patti

    2017 Economic Forecast and Trends and Pa. Business Update

    Kamran Afshar and Dave Patti discussed global and national economic forecasts and business trends at the Reading Chapter's program on May 12. Learn about Pennsylvania’s business environment and what is being done to make our state more business friendly.
  • Data Visualization

    Dynamic Decision Making through Data Visualization

    Vast amounts of data are generated every day – about 2.5 quintillion bytes according to estimates from IBM. This “big data” originates from numerous sources: from individual social media posts and text messages, to corporate supply chain management activities and financial transactions. Businesses are gaining valuable insights through the analysis of all the data they can gather.


  • Health Care Accounting Blog

    Navigating the New Revenue Recognition Standard for Heath Care Entities

    Revenue from Contracts with Customers (ASC 606) is being termed as the new revenue recognition standard that will replace all existing U.S. GAAP revenue recognition literature for exchange transactions. One particular part of the principle is extremely important for health care companies.
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  • Alex Pabellon

    Professional Friendship

    Can there be such a thing as a “professional friendship”? In a relationship where professional standards, priorities, and boundaries are well understood, can we also recognize that it’s human and normal to genuinely trust and like each other? If it doesn’t exist, it should.
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Member Spotlight

2017 Chapter Volunteer Service Award Winners

Pittsburgh Chapter Volunteer Service Award WinnerCongratulations to the 2017 Chapter Volunteer Service Awards recipients. These members were selected for their significant contributions to the chapter and community, as well as consistent participation in mentoring activities and development of new programs.

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