CPA Exam Scholarship Winners

Each year the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation awards $20,000 in CPA Exam scholarships.

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Congratulations, 2019 Winners!

We asked all applicants to share why becoming a CPA is important to them. Below is a small sample of the responses from our 20 winners.

Liz Bishop
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"In studying for this exam so far, I have already gained a deeper and more robust understanding of the work that I do everyday. This knowledge has given me the ability to develop my professional skills and better serve my clients." 

Donminika Brown
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"Becoming a CPA is important to me because it adds the cherry to the top of the sundae. It completes my reputation as an accountant and most importantly, it is a personal goal that I have long sought to achieve." 

Gabrielle Brown
Pittsburgh Chapter

"For the past five years, I have been determined to become a CPA. It is my ultimate end goal and would be the greatest satisfaction to all my hard work and dedication both during college and since graduation."

Johan Concepcion Rivera
Northeastern Chapter

"I have something bigger than my desire and dream to become a CPA, I have clients whose financial stability will depend on my ability to help them and represent them."

Shannon Dzurinko
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"I feel as though having the three letters at the end of your name is a right of passage in the accounting world. It states that you put the time and effort into passing these exams and showing your committment to your field. "

Melanie Escobar
Lehigh Valley Chapter

"A CPA designation gives you instant credibility in the business world as CPAs are viewed as trustworthy, honest, and ethical. A CPA license will allow me to use my advanced knowledge and skills to better help others and myself reach our goals."

Tyler Hamilton
Pittsburgh Chapter

"This would allow me to reach the goal that I had set out for myself before my freshman year of college." 

Amy Harron
South Central Chapter

"Being successful at the exam, as well as being successful at returning to college as an adult, demonstrates that I am serious in my commitment to becoming a successful accountant."

David Hollinger
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"I truly believe that CPAs are the unsung heroes of society because they provide a service so critical to how this country operates."

Amanda Johns
Pittsburgh Chapter

"As a CPA, I would have the credentials to educate business owners in financial performance, tax advisory, investing options, and assessing risk management."

Alana Joseph
Greater Philadelphia Chapter 

"The financial assistance from this scholarship will enable me to focus on studying for the CPA exam, rather than on the finances associated with it."

Josh Langenbacher
Central Chapter

"Becoming a CPA on a personal level is something that I feel would be a long-lasting tribute to my dad’s legacy, to say nothing of the immense professional benefits it would provide."

Vince LoStracco
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"I have been dreaming about the day I would receive my CPA license, and every day that goes by my dream gets closer to being fulfilled."

Sean Moran
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"The personal fulfillment I have enjoyed since beginning this journey has been an added bonus. The CPA designation will be an honor unto itself."

Victoria Moyer
Northeastern Chapter

"I want to become a CPA to be able to comfortably afford a future family and to earn the prestigious and highly respected CPA behind my name."

Morgan Nagy
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"I see (the CPA license) as an opportunity to gain employment in my home town of Philadelphia and hopefully become a mentor for other young women, whom like myself might have struggled through challenging younger years."

Julie Nicolov
Reading Chapter

"Becoming a CPA will increase my knowledge, ability, and reliability as an accountant and will allow me to be more fully engaged at my current workplace."

Joseph Sears
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"The CPA license is important to me because it will allow me to further enhance my credentials in the employment marketplace."

Gabriela Smith
Lehigh Valley Chapter

"In the era of technology automating processes, a CPA license will provide job security. As an accountant with a CPA license, I will have the knowledge and the competence to advise individuals and businesses in calculated risks and to understand the tax implications from financial decisions."

Mary Tang
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

"Being a CPA signifies an individual's ability to understand the language of business at a level that others do not necessarily have, while also adhering to high ethical standards that the business world often lacks."

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