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Path to Partner


Winter 2018 PA CPA JournalWhat Does It Take to Be a Partner?

When speaking with four partners at Big 4 accounting firms in Philadelphia, dedication and teamwork were common themes regarding what it takes to become a partner. Although the interviewees are all leaders at Big 4 firms, the attributes they discussed hold value for would-be partners at firms of all sizes.

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J Networking & Mentoring Tips for Future CPA Partners

The path to CPA partnership includes obtaining a wealth of technical skills, but it also requires an ability to expand the client base. Donna Massanova, CPA, a partner at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP, provides tips on networking and mentoring and explains their role in becoming a partner.

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J A View from the Top

The Greater Philadelphia Women of the PICPA Committee hosted a Path to Partner panel, which spoke on their professional journey, the role mentors played in helping them along the way, and whether they feel like they’ve achieved success.

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J Only You Can Redefine CPA Firm Partnership

Firms are looking to change the culture and alter their demands to keep the most talented individuals. If you are smart enough and driven enough to redefine the role of firm partner if given the chance, there are some steps you should take to move up the partnership ladder.

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Passport to Partnership

Martin Bissett, founder of The Upward Spiral Partnership, outlines the seven Cs and how embracing them can lead to your ultimate promotion.

Public to Private

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  • Alyzabeth Smith, CPA

    The Five-Year (Sw)Itch

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average employee will stay with one employer for less than five years. Among CPAs, just switching jobs isn’t the only lane to travel to achieve success. CPAs can also get off the highway and switch career paths: from public practice to private industry, or vice versa.
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What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning Out of Public Accounting

PICPA members share their insights into what they wish they knew before transitioning out of public accounting and what they have learn from their new roles in industry.

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J Switching Seats: Auditor as PICPA’s CFO

My first audit as CFO of the PICPA has shown me that the view can be quite different from the other side of the table. Reflecting on this experience, here are some things that I wish I had known earlier in my career; things that I think would have made me a better auditor.

J The CFO Transition: Looking Back on What It Means to Look Forward

In transitioning to the role of CFO of the PICPA, I’ve had to develop skills beyond the normal technical expertise of a CPA. Now, instead of focusing on the past through historical financial reporting, I’m challenged to look ahead and use the financial data we have to inform strategy.

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