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Passport to Partnership

Martin Bissett, founder of The Upward Spiral Partnership, outlines the seven Cs and how embracing them can lead to your ultimate promotion.

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  • 3 Tech Steps Every CPA Should Take for a More Strategic Role

    Regardless of what specific position a CPA holds in an organization, there is a technological tidal wave crashing through the marketplace. This is an opportunity for CPAs to assume a larger leadership role.
  • Nimble Organizations Embrace and Adapt to Change

    How we deal with and manage change is a key success factor in organizational performance. Nimble organizations and leaders that can pivot and adapt to change will have a positive impact and position themselves for success.
  • PICPA’s Mother’s Day Gift

    The PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference is charged with positive energy and support. There’s a type of “sisterhood” that you get when the speakers place an emphasis on how current issues uniquely affect women. Attendance is a gift ... a Mother's Day gift, in fact.

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  • A Profession in Transition

    The theme of my term as PICPA president is going to be “A profession in transition.” The press is full of predictions regarding the demise of the accountant, citing automation and artificial intelligence as replacements. Instead, I believe the changing marketplace can be an opportunity for CPAs.
  • Small and Midsize Firms Offer Large-Scale Opportunities

    When emerging CPAs enter their final years in college and begin to apply for internships and full-time positions, they contemplate many questions. Should I choose public, private, or government accounting?
  • No Time to Rest on Our Laurels

    In May I had the opportunity to honor our inaugural Women to Watch award winners during the PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference, recognize the 10,000 downloads benchmark for our CPA Conversations podcast series in less than a year, watch a quick-to-market hot topic webinar on the Pennsylvania tax amnesty program sell out in 10 minutes after it was announced to members, and experience the successful launch of PICPA’s new CPE simulcast platform. Nobody can accuse us of being a taxi in today’s Uber-driven world.

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