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Passport to Partnership

Martin Bissett, founder of The Upward Spiral Partnership, outlines the seven Cs and how embracing them can lead to your ultimate promotion.

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  • How to Convince Your Employer that PICPA Membership Is a Great Investment

    Some PICPA members need to convince their employers each year to allow them to renew their membership, to cover the cost of it, or to provide them with time to get involved in volunteer activities. If you find yourself needing to convince a decision maker that PICPA membership is worth the time and financial investment, here are some helpful talking points.
  • Practices for Effective Business Management in 10 Steps

    Find out how cash flow practices and can lead to more favorable outcomes and better management for your business.
  • Salary History Silence: Does It Matter?

    Philadelphia recently became the first U.S. city to bar employers from seeking salary histories for job applicants when City Council unanimously passed the Wage Equity Bill in December 2016. The goal of the legislation is to reduce the gender wage gap.

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  • Essential Skills and Attributes for Emerging CPAs

    After four or five years of college, you’ve landed a great job – maybe even your dream job. It’s time to put all of your accounting education to work. You’re likely preparing for one or more certification exams, which means having to recall details from all of your previous coursework.
  • The Importance of Success Skills in Professional Development

    How often do you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation at work and either avoid the situation entirely or simply don’t know how to address it? Do you wish you could have more meaningful work and life experiences? Have you ever thought about why this happens or if your level of engagement and relationship skills may be a contributing factor?
  • How Disrupted Are You?

    PICPA President Lisa Myers and I recently had the pleasure to meet with many PICPA members during our 2016 Professional Issues Update tour around the state. This series of meetings allows us to share thoughts and strategies related to current, as well as future, issues that impact our members, and to better understand how we can assist you in meeting those issues head-on.

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Joining a PICPA committee is a great way to grow your leadership skills and put you in a position to be a leader in the profession. View the full list of committees.