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Passport to Partnership

Martin Bissett, founder of The Upward Spiral Partnership, outlines the seven Cs and how embracing them can lead to your ultimate promotion.

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  • PICPA’s Mother’s Day Gift

    The PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference is charged with positive energy and support. There’s a type of “sisterhood” that you get when the speakers place an emphasis on how current issues uniquely affect women. Attendance is a gift ... a Mother's Day gift, in fact.
  • CPA Turns Crusader for Clear Communication

    Having a difficult conversation ranks among the top fears for CPAs and other professionals. People want to ignore, or put off, the things they fear the most, but that is something CPAs cannot do.
  • How to Convince Your Employer that PICPA Membership Is a Great Investment

    Some PICPA members need to convince their employers each year to allow them to renew their membership, to cover the cost of it, or to provide them with time to get involved in volunteer activities. If you find yourself needing to convince a decision maker that PICPA membership is worth the time and financial investment, here are some helpful talking points.

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  • No Time to Rest on Our Laurels

    In May I had the opportunity to honor our inaugural Women to Watch award winners during the PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference, recognize the 10,000 downloads benchmark for our CPA Conversations podcast series in less than a year, watch a quick-to-market hot topic webinar on the Pennsylvania tax amnesty program sell out in 10 minutes after it was announced to members, and experience the successful launch of PICPA’s new CPE simulcast platform. Nobody can accuse us of being a taxi in today’s Uber-driven world.
  • When the CPA Pipeline Slows to a Drip, How Do You Get the Flow Going?

    One of the top issues facing the accounting profession is talent – the acquisition and retention of those who will grow our future. The good news is enrollments in accounting programs nationwide are at or near all-time highs. Nevertheless, in percentage terms, fewer graduates of accounting programs are proceeding to become CPAs. Our CPA “pipeline” has slowed and needs to be addressed.
  • The CEIV Credential: A New Opportunity for Emerging CPAs

    Emerging CPAs and other financial professionals who aspire to the role of valuation expert should take heed of a new certification opportunity: the certified in entity and intangible valuations (CEIV) credential. This credential serves an increasingly important need brought about by the expanded use of fair value accounting.

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