CPA Voice

Members of CPA Voice promote the CPA profession to local community groups, business organizations, schools,  the media, and more. Becoming a member of CPA Voice is a great way to get involved with the PICPA and volunteer when the timing works for you.


  • Participate in local financial phone banks
  • Staff  information booths at community events
  • Write answers to Ask a CPA questions
  • Write Op-Eds for business journals
  • Teach budgeting and financial literacy skills to students
  • Write for PICPA's blog, CPA Now

How It Works

  • PICPA team proactively seeks speaking opportunities with key organizations.
  • Members of CPA Voice are the first PICPA members invited to fill speaking or writing engagements.
  • Volunteers can participate as little or as much as their time allows.

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CPA Voice Resources

The PICPA has Power Point presentations, free brochures, scripts, and more for the following audiences:

  • Girl Scouts
  • Students
  • Community groups
  • Workplaces

Consider contacting your neighborhood library, company human resources manager, or local school or alma mater to see if they would be interested in a free financial literacy presentation from PICPA.