400 Questions Answered by South Central Chapter at WGAL’s Tax Talk 2019

Ten members from PICPA’s South Central Chapter addressed hundreds of questions on tax filing from WGAL-TV’s viewers at the station’s annual Tax Talk phone bank on March 6, 2019. About 350 calls were answered in addition to 40 questions submitted through WGAL’s Facebook page.

Brian Roche, anchor and consumer investigator, interviewed members Dan Chodan, Joe Cunningham, Chris Humes, and Frank Macciocca about common questions they had received, as well as how some of the major components of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 are impacting consumers this filing season—particularly the elimination of personal exemptions, the $10,000 state and local tax deduction cap, among others.

View the video of this year’s program.

The PICPA thanks Chodan, Cunningham, Humes, Macciocca, and the following volunteers:

  • Tim Gallagher
  • Amanda Lehman
  • Eric MacCollum
  • Jared Miller
  • Samantha Mittman-Besnoff
  • Kathy Zehr
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