South Central Chapter Members Talk Taxes with Hundreds of Callers at WGAL


Eleven members of the South Central Chapter answered about 200 calls over two and a half hours regarding various tax concerns during WGAL 8’s annual “Tax Talk” phone bank on March 12, 2018. Additionally, a few PICPA members addressed tax questions on WGAL’s Facebook page. Brian Roche, anchor and consumer investigator, interviewed members Dan Chodan, Chris Humes, and Eric MacCollum about some of the common questions they have been receiving this year and whether there have been concerns regarding the changes implemented under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Humes provided extensive insight on the tax reform laws, specifically changes to the mortgage premium insurance deductions, standard deduction increases, and reinstated energy credits.

A huge thank-you goes to Chodan, Humes, MacCollum, and all the other volunteers at this year’s phone bank:

  • Diane Bottenfield
  • Ann Marie Davis
  • Shane Fisher
  • Timothy Gallagher
  • Doug Smith
  • Matthew Thompson
  • Marc Weber
  • Kathy Zehr 
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