Cast Your Vote: 2017 PICPA Bylaws Amendments

Deadline to cast your ballot ended Aug. 7, 2017.

Executive Summary

The CPA profession is undergoing significant changes. Demographic shifts, the ever-changing business environment, technology advancements, as well as demands on people’s time are all impacting the profession. These factors are also affecting the PICPA and other associations. It was with these factors in mind that PICPA leadership evaluated the PICPA bylaws and recommended changes be made to ensure continued relevancy and viability. At its April 25, 2017, meeting, PICPA Council approved these bylaws revisions and recommended they be presented to the membership for a vote.

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2016-2017 PICPA President, Lisa Myers

Review the amended bylaws document.

The most significant changes are as follows: 

  • Distinguish CPA members by adding CPA to those member titles (Article I). 
  • Enable broader PICPA growth in the accounting and finance ecosystem by adjusting the requirements for Associate Member category and creating a non-CPA member category for CGMA credential holders (Article I and Article II). 
  • Recognize the current practices and demographics of the chapters (Article XI). 
  • Acknowledge the authority and responsibilities of the Investment and Audit committees (Article VI and Article XV).  
  • Reflect the changing nature of member participation at the annual business meeting (Article VIII).
  • Additional amendments include some other updating and housekeeping items. 

Additional Amendments Include: 

  • Consolidating the requirements of the non-CPA membership categories (Article II). 
  • Change all instances of Chairman to Chair (several articles throughout).
  • Remove the requirement to elect a Trustee of the Scholarship Fund because the scholarship fund will now be under the new Pennsylvania CPA Foundation (Article IV, Section 4). 
  • Update the Treasurer duties to reflect current practice (Article IV, Section 9).
  • Remove requirement that President is ex-officio member of all committees. This is also to reflect current practice (Article VI, Section 7).
  • Change the annual meeting travel reimbursement policy for the Board to apply only to meetings outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Update disciplinary language to reflect changes already made on prior ballots (Article XIV, Sections 5 & 6).
  • Eliminate the design requirements of the PICPA seal (Article XVI).

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