Cybersecurity for CPAs

As CPAs and business environments evolve, technology will be a strong force that continues to drive many decisions. Read more on cybersecurity and how it relates to you.


Data Breach! What Should Be Disclosed? 

June 4, 2018 | Pennsylvania CPA Journal
What do Uber, Equifax, and Target have in common? All were subjects of data breaches that compromised corporate records with resulting damage to the companies and account holders. The problems caused by a data breach are often compounded when the breach is not disclosed in a timely fashion.

Cyber Insurance from a Corporate Finance Perspective

Dec. 4, 2017 | CPA Now
Cyber liability insurance and related risk mitigation is an area for which many in corporate finance are finding themselves responsible, despite many having little or no background in technology. While I found this to be a bit intimidating when I joined the PICPA team, I’ve since learned more about this area. Here is a quick overview of what I’ve encountered. 

Susan Jarvis, CPA, shares her experience with her company's data breach at PICPA's 8th Annual Breakfast Q&A with IRS liaison Richard Furlong and Federal & PA Tax Update.
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