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  • Two Years After Wayfair: Its Effect on Sales Taxes and the Impact of COVID-19

    It’s been over two years since the Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, and its impact has been substantial. Add in the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with its role in driving individuals toward online shopping, and you have a seismic impact in the tax world. In this podcast, Jennifer Karpchuk, shareholder and state and local tax practice cochair for Chamberlain Hrdlicka Attorneys at Law in Philadelphia, joins us to dissect current developments related to Wayfair and COVID-19.
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  • Questions You Need to Ask Clients Who Own Small Businesses

    As we have seen with all the activity surrounding the Paycheck Protection Program, now is a perfect time for CPAs to show value when working with clients who own small businesses. However, it is important to know the right questions to ask to bring into focus the areas where you can be most beneficial. To figure out what to ask, including whether or not your client has ever dealt with adversity, we spoke with Bryce Sanders, president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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  • Future-Proof Your Firm by Appealing to the Modern Client

    What will it take to ensure a successful future for your CPA firm? Perhaps it is setting your firm apart from the competition in the technological realm? Maybe it’s marketing your firm in the avenues that draw the modern client’s eyeballs? Well, according to Robert Schulte, founder of LumaTax Inc., the answer is “both,” as well as many other steps you can take.
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  • How to Get Valuable Client Referrals Without Asking

    Client referrals are a time-honored avenue of prospect generation for CPAs. However, coming out and asking for referrals can be a delicate matter to the firm/client relationship. Today’s guest, Stacey Brown Randall, author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, shares ways to ensure client referrals without having to be so forward as to inquire about them.
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  • Time May Be Ripe for a CPA Move into Consulting

    The economic uncertainly introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic might make it seem like a bad time to take a significant career leap, but business strategist and consultant Veronica Sagastume believes the timing could not be better. She discusses the signs that a CPA may be ready for such a step, ways that CPAs can generate revenue for their consulting business, and the importance of establishing a personal brand identity for a new venture.
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  • Don’t Ignore Your Team’s Resistance to Change

    The accounting profession is in a perpetual state of change, which has been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this state of flux, it is important for a manager to know when their team is ready for change and when they definitely are not. In today’s podcast, Liz Uram, owner of The Coach and Mentor Group, provides some details on the signs that a team is resistant to change, including the inability to adjust behavior, employee turnover, and more.
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  • Demand for Accounting Advisory Services on the Rise

    While accounting advisory services have been a need for a long time, the onset of coronavirus-concerned issues, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loans, and others have brought this opportunity to the forefront for CPA firms. We are joined by Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises, to discuss what sorts of services constitute advisory as well as emerging advisory areas for 2020 and beyond.
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  • Financial Institutions: Be Wary of COVID’s Effect on Current Expected Credit Losses

    In a preview of the panel discussion he will be moderating at the Sept. 22 PICPA online Financial Institutions Conference. Mulloy, CPA, partner, audit services, for RSM US LLP in Philadelphia, discusses the impact of coronavirus on current expected credit losses. Among the aspects he shares with us are allowances for loan loss calculation and the process for determining Paycheck Protection Program loans and grants.
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  • A CFO’s Perspective on COVID Recovery and Disaster Preparedness

    In a preview of his fall 2020 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Business & Industry column, Michael F. De Stefano, CPA, chief financial officer for RKL in Lancaster, Pa., discusses the experience of his organization when it became clear that the coronavirus pandemic was going to be more than just a fleeting inconvenience, including applying for a Paycheck Protection Program loan, becoming experts on new communications channels, and taking steps to reduce burnout among colleagues and staff.
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  • Behind the Scenes of Moving Accounting Education Online

    In a preview of their fall 2020 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Education column, Duquesne professors Valerie Trott Williams and Robert Kollar recount the obstacles they faced when their university was forced to move all classwork online as part of the coronavirus pandemic. They discuss the effect the move had on student grades, the time it took to prepare for online courses, lessons learned for when courses resume, and more.
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  • Enhancing CPA Firm Success with Artificial Intelligence

    As futuristic as the terms “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” may sound, they are currently being used in the home and the business world. In the accounting profession, though, they could be better leveraged. Robert Schulte, founder of LumaTax Inc., joins us to talk about the benefits to accounting and finance functions, benefits for CPA firms and clients due to adoption of advanced technology, and areas in which artificial intelligence could be used more.
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  • A Changing Accounting Profession Requires CPA Evolution

    With technology playing a greater role by the day, the nature of the CPA profession is constantly changing. Therefore, CPAs have to grow and adapt. Such is the reason behind the CPA Evolution Project, an undertaking of the AICPA and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. In this podcast, Julia Woislaw, AICPA’s lead manager of CPA Evolution, walks us through the origination of the CPA Evolution Project, including why it was necessary, its current status, and developments that will be monitored in the future.
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  • International Tax Issues for Foreign Athletes and Entertainers

    The tax rules for non-U.S. residents are complicated enough regularly, but they only get more intense when you apply them to foreign athletes and entertainers. In today’s podcast, we explore the rules with Patrick McCormick of the law firm Culhane Meadows.
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  • The Value of CPAs in the World of Sports

    Working in the world of sports may seem like a dream job, but, as we have seen with the coronavirus, it is susceptible to the same difficulties and obstacles as other industries. And like other industries, the sports world understands the immense value of CPAs. In this podcast, we are joined by Darren Heffernan, president of Trintech, to discuss how CPAs contribute to the success of sports teams, how automation is quickly improving their jobs, and how the world of sports operations has been altered by COVID-19.
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  • Enterprise Risk Management in a COVID-19 Business Landscape

    In a preview of her session at the Aug. 11 PICPA CFOs and Controllers Conference, Melissa Bradley Musser, principal, risk and advisory services, for GRF CPAs & Advisors, discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the exercise of enterprise risk management. She explores best practices during times of great difficulty, current top threats, and more.
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  • Leadership Skills in the Era of Remote Work

    The emergency necessity of embracing remote work brought about by the coronavirus has shown businesses that it is possible to operate not only from a board room table, but also from a dining room table. As a result, what had been viewed as a temporary fix could eventually evolve into a regular mode of operation. This means leadership will have to continue refining their ability to engage their staff remotely. We spoke to Erin Daiber, professional certified coach and chief executive officer of Well Balanced Accountants LLC, to get more on best practices in this area.
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  • Firm Managerial Success Takes Strategy, Organization, More

    In a podcast related to her feature in PICPA’s Guide to CPA Careers in a Changing Business Landscape, the 2020 digital-only, special edition of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Kathy Gutierrez, director of human resources for RKL LLP in Lancaster, Pa., discusses the traits needed to succeed at the manager level of a CPA firm, including strategic thinking, project management skills, and the ability to motivate.
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  • Top CPA Firm Concerns in the Area of Efficiency

    In the final episode of his five-part series on the top priorities for CPA firm management, Ira Rosenbloom of Optimum Strategies covers the foremost efficiency concerns, including standardization, engagement selectivity, and automation. Make sure to check out the rest of the series with episodes on personnel, succession planning, client-service systems, and performance metrics.
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  • The Keys to CPA Firm Modernization

    The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear: it is absolutely essential for the modern CPA firm to enable its staff to work remotely. But what other traits are essential for the modern CPA firm? According to our guest, Ryan Lazanis of Future Firm Inc., that list includes bolstered technology solutions, a scalable business model, and an openness to new pricing models. Listen to his podcast and get more of his insights at
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  • Catching Up on Developments in the Single Audit Sphere

    In a preview of her presentation at the July 13-14 PICPA Not-for-Profit & Government Accounting Conference, available exclusively via webcast, Diane Edelstein, partner with Maher Duessel in Pittsburgh, joins us to dissect goings-on in the world of single audits. She shares changes to uniform guidance, the status of the 2020 compliance supplement, and alterations made necessary due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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