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  • CPA License Under Attack: Help Protect It from Threat of Deregulation

    The importance of the CPA license within the business community should be well understood, but that is not the case. Recently, the CPA credential is among the licenses that have come under attack as part of a movement to deregulate professions whose jobs influence public safety. At the Sept. 19, 2019, PICPA Leadership Conference, CPA Conversations cohost Jim DeLuccia and I spoke with Skip Braziel, vice president of state regulation and legislation for the AICPA, and discussed this movement and what Pennsylvania CPAs can do to halt its momentum.
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  • Charities Behaving Badly

    Laura Solomon, JD, following up on her presentation from PICPA’s 2019 Not-for-Profit and Government Accounting Conference, discusses charities behaving badly. She highlights major changes to corporate governance over the past year, commonly neglected fiduciary duties, the risks facing charities with outdated governing documents, and much more. Solomon is the founder of Laura Solomon & Associates in Ardmore, Pa., a law firm devoted to representing charitable and other tax-exempt organizations and philanthropic individuals.
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  • Qualified Business Income Deduction’s Impact on Your Clients

    The qualified business income deduction, or QBI, was one of the most popular changes to the tax code in 2017. Stephen J. Slade, CPA, tax director of Wouch Maloney & Co. LLP in Horsham, Pa., dives into the restrictions and exceptions and what they really mean for your clients. Slade also addressed this topic for CPA Now.
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  • Section 163(j) Under TCJA

    Section 163(j) packs a mighty punch for being just one section of the tax code. Daria Palaschak, CPA, MST, partner in the tax department of Sisterson & Co. LLP in Pittsburgh, discusses the significant changes to the limitation on the deduction of business interest expense brought on by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
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  • Never Underestimate the Value of Firm Culture

    How does Sandra Wiley, president of Boomer Consulting Inc., define firm culture? As she tells us in the latest episode of CPA Conversations, it’s more than getting a half-day Friday every other week. In fact, it could be the thing that turns your best and brightest from one-year wonders to long-term employees. Get her insight on hiring, retention, training, and more.
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  • CPAs: Enhance Your Value through Management of Legal Fees

    There are many ways by which CPAs can benefit their employers. According to Michael Cade of MFCCoach LLC in Morrisville, an emerging avenue is through the management of company legal fees. Learn why CPAs are uniquely qualified for this responsibility. Check out more of Cade’s insight at
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  • Special Revenue Recognition Considerations for Construction

    To preview their Oct. 16, 2019, presentation at the PICPA Construction Industry Conference, John Bieber of National Glass & Metal Co. Inc. and Tony Stagliano of CBIZ Inc. joined us to discuss the ways in which treatment of the revenue recognition standard is unique to the construction industry, plus differences for public and private contractors.
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  • Financial Negotiations Are Important, but Don’t Forget Well-Designed Integration

    In a preview of “Practice Integration Imperatives,” his Practitioners column from the fall 2019 Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Ira Rosenbloom of Optimum Strategies LLC tells us why coming up with a well-designed integration plan could be just as important as getting the financial details right when going through a CPA practice transfer or merger.
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  • How Tax Reform Is Affecting the Construction Industry

    The ripples of tax reform have reached CPAs working in the construction industry in a big way. Emily Gunther, CPA, CCIP, a principal with CLA LLP in Plymouth Meeting Pa., discusses Section 199A, business interest, and much more. Gunther will speak at greater length on this topic at PICPA’s 2019 Construction Industry Conference on Oct. 16 in Malvern, Pa.
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  • The CPA's Role in Long-Term-Care Planning

    Long-term care is a subject many would rather not think about, but not doing so could be costly. Phil Sirolli, CPA, a wealth transfer adviser with Valley Forge Financial Group, clarifies some common misconceptions about long-term-care planning, outlines insurance options, and explains why CPAs need to have this conversation with clients.
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  • Delay or No Delay: CECL Set to Keep Financial Institutions Busy

    While the current expected credit losses standard is expected to be delayed by the FASB, it will have a sizeable effect on financial institutions in the near future. In a preview of their presentation at the Sept. 17 PICPA Financial Institutions Conference, Allison Minnis of Crowe LLP and Tim McPeak of Abrigo join us to talk implementation status among industry sectors, common difficulties confronted during the process, and the prospects of the aforementioned FASB delay.
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  • Flattening and Inverted Yield Curve Strategies for Financial Institutions

    Long-term yields on interest rates have fallen quickly since the October 2018 “Powell Pivot,” which was when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell chose not to raise interest rates until inflation accelerates. Frank L. Farone, managing director of Darling Consulting Group in Newburyport, Mass., discusses the challenges CPAs working with financial institutions now face, as well as a few lending and funding strategies they should consider. Farone will present this topic at PICPA’s 2019 Financial Institutions Conference on Sept. 17 at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern, Pa.
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  • A Plan to Replace All School Property Tax in Pa.

    Pennsylvania Rep. Frank X. Ryan (R-Lebanon County) developed House Bill 13 “The School Property Tax Elimination Act.” Ryan, a CPA and PICPA member, addresses the changes this bill would bring to the Pennsylvania tax system, along with who pays and who benefits. Ryan is seeking comment to his proposed legislation by Aug. 13.
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  • CPAs Can Help Clients, Public Save for Retirement

    Most workers with access to a retirement benefit today must contribute to their plan as opposed to relying on a pension. We’re in the “save for yourself” era. Jacquelyn M. Basso, CPA, CFP, of J.M. Basso & Associates in Downingtown, Pa., believes that employees just aren’t saving enough to live comfortably in retirement. Basso, who is chair of PICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Committee, discusses how her fellow CPAs can help address this retirement crisis with their clients, staff, and the public at large. She also addressed this topic in a PICPA CPA Now blog on June 26, 2019.
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  • Firing a Client for the Good of Your Firm

    “You're fired.” They are words that are incredibly tough to hear, and they are probably just as difficult to say if you are a person in charge of making personnel decisions in a competitive marketplace. But what if you are saying it to a client? For CPA firms whose instinct it is to hold onto every client, it could seem to be a counterintuitive decision. However, the decision to drop a troublesome client is one that could have benefits that go beyond the financial bottom line.
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  • How CPAs Can Advise on Qualified Opportunity Zones

    Qualified Opportunity Zones have been a much-discussed topic since they were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Two PICPA members from Drucker & Scaccetti in Philadelphia – Chris Catarino, CPA, MT, and Steven Rossman, CPA, MST – discuss the regulations and how CPAs can advise clients on these new investment incentives.
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  • Tax Benefits for New Parents

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brought several changes and expansions to the tax benefits available for parents and those with dependents. Sean Brennan, CPA, MBA, president of Brennan and Company CPA PC in Philadelphia and chair of PICPA’s Federal Taxation Committee, discusses the child care and dependent care tax credits, as well as why CPAs shouldn’t disregard the earned income tax credit.
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  • Corporate CPAs as Financial Literacy Champions in the Workplace

    A recent study revealed that 7 out of 10 American workers say financial problems are their most common stressor. Nearly 40 percent dwell on these issues at work, undoubtedly affecting productivity. PICPA member Anna Jungclaus, CPA, CFO of Equal Measure in Philadelphia, explains how corporate CPAs are in a unique position to teach financial literacy to employees. Corporate CPAs can help assuage their fears and, in turn, help them become more productive workers and citizens.
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  • To Supply or Not to Supply: Responding to Requests for Comfort Letters

    Often, a CPA will receive a request for a “comfort letter” when a client is seeking a loan or is taking part in one of many other types of financial transactions. Despite a strong relationship with the client, it would not be wise to jump into fulfilling such a request before taking several precautions. To let us know what some of those steps would be, we spoke with Suzanne M. Holl of CAMICO Services Inc.
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  • Successful CRM Switches Require Leadership Buy-in, Interdepartmental Insight

    The optimal customer relationship management system can bring big benefits to all sorts of organizations. When it’s not getting the job done, you must make the switch to a new one. To help you make the right choice, we sat down with Deanna Perkins, a solutions adviser with Boomer Consulting Inc. Her company recently made a switch, and she offers insights from her own experience.
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