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  • Ensure Directors Are Informed on Cybersecurity Concerns

    With so many issues in play when it comes to operating a business, boards of directors have a lot of information flying at them. One issue they must make sure they are not overlooking, however, is cybersecurity. In this CPA Conversations, Dan Desko and Troy Fine of Schneider Downs in Pittsburgh discuss what boards need to be aware of in areas such as data breaches, sophistication of cyberattacks, third-party vendors, mobile devices, and more.
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  • “Don’t Talk” and More Tips on Fraud and Federal Criminal Tax Investigations

    Forget about not talking “too much,” says Charlie Elliott, the co-presenter of “The Facts about Fraud & Federal Criminal Tax Investigations” at the Nov. 13 PICPA Valuation & Forensic Accounting Conference. Elliott advises that if you or your client find investigators banging at your door, the first thing you need to know is “don’t talk at all.” Get more of his tips in this episode of CPA Conversations.
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  • Creative Retirement Plan Design for Closely Held Businesses

    Ken Marblestone, JD, a partner with The MandMarblestone Group LLC in Philadelphia, is a proponent of creative retirement plan design for closely held businesses. In this preview of his session at PICPA’s 2018 Personal Financial Planning Conference on Nov. 8, he discusses how financial planners can use defined benefit and cash balance plans to generate significant deductions and retirement savings.
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  • Tech Advances and Data Growth Make Cloud Use a Virtual Must

    If we were doing this podcast five years ago, chances are it would be about the many reasons CPA firms have not moved operations to the cloud. Now, however, advances in technology and greater sophistication make resistance to the cloud almost futile. In this CPA Conversations podcast, Gene Marks, speaker, columnist for The Washington Post and, and president of The Marks Group, discusses all the reasons that going to the cloud makes sense for CPA firms of all sizes. For more, also check out Marks’s blog on the topic.
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  • Make Your Enterprise Risk Management System a Work of Art

    When we hear the term “art,” we probably think of a trip to the museum or a particularly outstanding film. However, a well-designed and effective enterprise risk management (ERM) system can be a work of art as well. Find out how, as well as how ERM can benefit your organization, on this episode of CPA Conversations with J. Stephen McNally, CPA, a member of the Institute of Management Accountants’ Global Board of Directors.
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  • The Whos, Whats, Whens, and Whys of CPA Firm Employee Retention

    We’ve heard for years that millennials crave meaning in their work, but, really, this desire is universal among CPA firm employees. But what’s the secret to finding what your employees value? Get feedback straight from the source. This is just one of the many tips offered in this CPA Conversations with Dana Small, experienced talent management professional and “survey goddess” for Retensa, an employee retention solutions provider in New York City.
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  • How CPA Firms Can Best Relate to Millennial-Owned and Tech-Savvy Businesses

    CPA firms can benefit greatly from the acquisition of millennial-owned and tech-savvy businesses. However, if they are going to do that, they must understand what attracts people to these firms and what they value most. To get some insight on this, we sat down with Jason Blumer, CPA, founder and CEO at and
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  • The IRS and CPAs Prepare for the First Tax Filing Season Under the TCJA

    The first tax filing season under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is quickly approaching. Richard Furlong, senior stakeholder liaison with the IRS, and Nick Crocetti, CPA, managing director of CBIZ MHM in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., provide an update on how the agency and CPA firms are preparing for what could be a very challenging filing season. Both are speaking at PICPA’s Federal Tax Reform Conference on Oct. 3, 2018.
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  • Revenue Recognition and Leases for Construction Companies

    Revenue recognition and treatment of leases are hot topics in construction accounting. Jerry Coveney, CPA, a principal with CliftonLarsonAllen in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., discusses FASB’s definition of leases and some of the big changes to revenue and profit recognition requirements. Coveney will speak at greater length on this subject at PICPA’s 2018 Construction Industry Conference on Oct. 16 in Malvern, Pa.
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  • 2018-2019 Pennsylvania Legislative Session Preview

    PICPA’s Government Relations team and many dedicated PICPA members helped craft several pieces of important legislation in the 2017-2018 legislative session that benefitted Pennsylvania CPAs, taxpayers, and businesses. Peter Calcara, vice president of the Government Relations team, previews the 2018-2019 legislative year and what PICPA members should expect with combined reporting, property tax reform, and more.
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  • Not Just Taxes: Wayfair Decision Affects Financial Reporting Too

    CPA Conversations has previously presented two podcasts with experts discussing the effect the Supreme Court’s in South Dakota v. Wayfair decision will have on internet sales tax. But that’s not the only area impacted by the case. Not many people are talking about what it will do to financial reporting. Luckily, we have James J. Newhard, CPA, sole practitioner in Paoli, Pa., and CPE presenter for Loscalzo Institute, to explain. In a preview of his fall 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Accounting & Assurance column, he details the potential ripple effects on income tax accounting, revenue recognition, and more.
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  • The Forensic CPA’s Role in Piercing the Corporate Veil

    In a preview of his Litigation Support column in the fall 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Erik Ringoen of Forensic Resolutions Inc. in Westmont, N.J., discusses the legal concept “piercing the corporate veil.” He explains how a court can hold a business owner personally liable for the debts and actions of their company under certain circumstances. He discusses some of the missteps that can lead to a veil piercing and the forensic CPA’s responsibilities in aiding the court in making such a decision.
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  • Accounting Industry Not Immune from Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Recent developments have shone a light on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, and the accounting industry is no exception. In our latest episode of CPA Conversations, we are joined by Ranica Arrowsmith, Daniel Hood, and Danielle Lee of SourceMedia, the group behind such publications as Accounting Today and Tax Pro Today. They offer an in-depth exploration of their recent reporting on sexual harassment in the business world.
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  • In Their Own Words: How They Chose Accounting

    In February 2018, several accomplished accounting professionals participated in a diversity roundtable at Penn State University’s main campus in State College, Pa. This podcast is not an interview, but rather features the actual remarks from the discussion, courtesy of Penn State’s media department. Discover how Derrick Roman, partner with PwC, Jina Etienne, formerly of the National Association of Black Accountants, and Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, immediate past chairman of the American Institute of CPAs, chose to pursue fulfilling careers in accounting.
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  • Lease Accounting Procrastinators Need to Start Process Planning Now

    In our latest episode of CPA Conversations, William J. Andreoni, CPA, senior director with Pine Hill Group in Philadelphia, offers several valuable tips on implementing the new lease accounting standard. But the main takeaway? If you haven’t started the implementation process on this standard, you better start planning as soon as possible. Learn why in this podcast, and get more details from the Pine Hill Group publication, The Clock Is Ticking: How to Jumpstart Your Lease Accounting Implementation Project.
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  • Cultivating a Small-Business Client Base Is Key for CPAs

    Getting new clients is a must for CPA firms, and it can be particularly beneficial when those new clients are small businesses. To talk about the benefits that a roster of small-business clients can provide a CPA firm, we sit down with Bryce Sanders, president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. and a frequent contributor to
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  • Increased Data, Rise of Automation Transforming the Finance Function

    The role and function of the traditional finance department is changing. Driving this change is increased access to data, accounting automation, and the need to communicate better with nonfinancial managers and personnel. We talked to Lauren M. Lear, CPA, supervisor of finance and accounting outsourcing for RSM US LLP in Plymouth Meeting, to learn more.
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  • Harness the Value Seasoned CPAs Bring to the Workforce

    Hiring managers at CPA firms expend a lot of energy recruiting members of generations X, Y, and Z, and with good reason. However, older CPAs bring a great amount of value to CPA firms, and hiring managers would be wise to consider them when filling out their staffs. In this CPA Conversations podcast, we talk with Andrew Simon, partner with Simon Associate Management Consultants, about the value experienced CPAs bring to a workplace, as well as what adjustments these individuals have to make to thrive in today’s work environment.
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  • Supreme Court’s Decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Shakes Up Online Sales Tax

    The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned the long-standing precedent that a business must have a physical presence in a state for the state to require it to collect sales tax. Its South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. decision could have a major impact on online transactions nationwide as well as the business environment within Pennsylvania. In this CPA Conversations podcast, Matthew D. Melinson, CPA, partner, state and local taxes, for Grant Thornton LLP in Philadelphia – who previously appeared to offer a prediction on the case after witnessing oral arguments – takes us inside the Supreme Court’s thinking and dissects what it means for CPA firms and their clients.
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  • Building the Ideal Advisory Services Professional

    Client advisory services is a rising area of concentration for firms looking to keep a leg up on their competition in the accounting field. However, if a firm is going to thrive in this area, it must groom its employees to be able to make positive contributions. In this CPA Conversations podcast, we speak with Sandra Wiley, president of Boomer Consulting Inc., who tells us how firms can best prepare staff to thrive as advisory professionals.
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