By Peter Calcara

PICPA Vice President - Government Relations

  • Property Tax Plan a Sham

    As the Pennsylvania General Assembly continues to grapple with the elusive, decades-old issue of property tax reform, one proposal under consideration is more political theatre than substance. To make matters worse, proponents are using threats and scare tactics to generate support.
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  • “Bean Counter” Is So Last Century

    I recently read a quote from Frank Pinto, a candidate for Pennsylvania auditor general, who was discussing his opponent state Rep. John Maher’s qualifications for the office they are both seeking. Pinto, attempting to score some political points against his primary opponent, who happens to be a CPA, was quoted in the Harrisburg Patriot News saying that there are a number of CPAs working for the office of auditor general, so the auditor general himself does not need to be another “bean counter.”
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