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Forgiven PPP Loans Now Exempt from Pa. Personal Income Tax

Feb 9, 2021
The strength of PICPA's 20,000 members was on display recently in Harrisburg as the PICPA scored a major legislative victory in ensuring that forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans would be exempt from state personal income tax.
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CPAs: Start Preparing Now for PPP 2

Dec 11, 2020
Legislation on additional pandemic relief, including a new Paycheck Protection Program, is expected to pass the U.S. Congress before the end of 2020. CPAs are strongly encouraged to identify business clients who may qualify for these benefits, and to begin contacting them about the loan application process. This new effort should also address the long-simmering issue of tax deductibility of expenses related to forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans.
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D Is for Dysfunction in 2020 Election

Dec 10, 2020
Like all things this year, the 2020 general election season has been chaotic. With the coronavirus pandemic, the long delay in counting millions of mail-in ballots, and the poor showing of pollsters once again, some might think the D in democracy is better suited for dysfunction.
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Election 2020: Comparing the Candidates’ Tax and Economic Visions

Sep 29, 2020
If you are still weighing which candidate to vote for this November, this blog by Robert Duquette compares President Donald Trump’s tax plan vision for 2021 and what former Vice President Joseph Biden has proposed.
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PICPA Virtual Town Halls Bring Members Closer to the Action

Aug 19, 2020
The PICPA recently hosted a series of virtual town hall meetings in all 11 of our chapters. The Legislator Town Hall series gave members an opportunity to hear from our elected officials and raise concerns in an informal setting.
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