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  • Daniel A. Rudio, CPA

    ASC 606 Compliance by Private Companies Is Not Optional

    As private companies gear up to implement the new revenue guidance in ASC Topic 606, many can benefit from the experiences of public companies that implemented the standard last year. Here are some of the top lessons.
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  • L. Erik Ringoen, CPA

    Audits vs. Forensic Investigations (Part 3)

    Audits and forensic investigations are different services. They are planned and performed to accomplish unique objectives. This blog is the third part of a three-part blog that compares the roles of the auditor and the forensic accountant. It is focused on gathering evidence and reporting.
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  • Tax Considerations when Making a Choice of Entity in Pa.

    When considering combined federal and state effective tax rates for particular choices of entity, most search results usually do not consider Pennsylvania’s high C corporation income tax rate and relatively low personal tax rate. Weighing both can significantly affect choice of entity recommendations.
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  • Success Starts with Understanding the “Why”

    Maintaining an inquisitive nature is a major strength for CPAs. And taking the time to learn the "why" behind various principles and practices in industry will help you think holistically on all areas of business and open your thoughts beyond just the finance discipline.
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  • Your License Is Under Attack

    Public accounting is built upon a legal and regulatory foundation that governs its members and their conduct. This well-established system that bolsters CPA professional integrity is under attack in many state legislatures.
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  • Wolf Presents Pennsylvania Spending Plan to Some Praise

    On Feb. 5, 2019, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf presented his fifth state budget to a joint session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Once again, a cornerstone of his budget is increased funding for education.
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  • Section 199A Deduction for Small Business

    Section 199A of the tax law that passed in December 2017 includes a provision for a personal income tax deduction equal to 20 percent of a small business’s income. This was further defined by the IRS, reinforcing the basic simplicity of the deduction. However, it also left open a great many questions about the details.
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