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  • Breana Liberoni

    Professional Networking Tips for a Pandemic

    If nothing else, 2020 has provided CPAs with something that we often struggle with: a new go-to icebreaker. But, you may say, "What do I need an icebreaker for? I'm still working from home." No! Networking has become more important than ever. It is vital that CPAs not lose the social aspect of their careers or profession.
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  • Kara Haas

    Understanding Cryptocurrency: Get the Basics Before Your Clients Move There

    Advocates of blockchain and cryptocurrency often use familiar concepts, such as “bank-like” or “dividend-like.” Many, however, fail to consider the appropriate compliance issues. For those struggling with blockchain concepts, sometimes it helps to remove the technology aspects and discuss the underlying transaction.
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Professional & Technical Issues

  • Business Succession and M&A in a COVID World

    For many CPA firms across the country, the coronavirus lockdown put the brakes on their respective succession planning strategies in addition to potential mergers. Several schools of thought have emerged regarding M&A and succession planning within the current accounting landscape.
  • Tax on Cryptoassets: What Practitioners Need to Know

    As tax season comes to a close, it is important to not lose sight of those issues tied to cryptoassets. With the price of bitcoin (among others) experiencing a substantial run-up during the last few months of 2020, and with more individuals gaining exposure to cryptoassets via apps like Robinhood, potential tax issues are substantial.


  • New Report Provides Insights on Occupational Licensing

    The deregulation of certain licensing requirements has been a concern for the CPA profession. While the main focus of these efforts has not been on licensees such as CPAs, engineers, doctors, and lawyers, there is always a risk of collateral damage with the legislative process.
  • CPAs Offer Financial Policy Options to Pennsylvania Lawmakers

    CPAs have extensive experience helping clients meet their fiscal challenges head-on and directing them toward success. Pennsylvania, too, faces fiscal challenge, and the PICPA's Fiscal Responsibility Task Force has developed a report to assist those in governance find a sound financial footing for the state's financial health.

PICPA Initiatives

CPA Exam & Licensure

  • CPA Skills Tests: Supporting the Next Generation of CPAs

    What are the most important skills for a newly licensed CPA as they enter the profession? While the CPA Exam verifies foundational competencies, the roles of newly licensed CPA continue to change with the profession. What we need to do is balance the need of what we consider “foundation” knowledge with the changes that must be introduced because of the work required of newly licensed CPAs.

Careers & Lifestyles

  • Feel Better than the Average Constant Bear

    It’s easy to become overwhelmed with work during the busy tax season. Many fitness devotees just can’t find the time for energy-consuming workouts at the gym. This simple, Chinese health exercise requires no equipment, tools, props, or space. You can practice it anywhere, anytime.
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