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  • cryder_jennifer90x90

    Problem Solving with PICPA Council

    About 60 PICPA members are part of our governing body known as Council. They are elected and appointed members from each of our 11 chapters. Find out what exactly PICPA Council does.
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  • Terry Eyberg

    How I Survived Tax Season

    All practitioners go into tax season with well-laid plans for survival. Unfortunately, the best of plans often go awry, and everyone has his or her share of tax season horror stories.
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  • CPAs: Tailor Your Support of Exam Takers to Their Needs

    People seeking to pass the CPA Exam must plan up front with the end in mind, but they also need support, encouragement, and sometimes someone to hold them accountable. But each plan is unique. Partners, managers, and coworkers need to tailor their support to each exam taker's personal journey toward success.
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