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  • Adam Batchelor, PICPA vice president, learning and development

    Certificate Programs: A New Approach to Building Competence and Credibility

    Through a partnership with the AICPA, the PICPA is now offering its members access to certificate programs that cover a wide array of subject areas. They offer participants a way to meaningfully increase their knowledge and earn CPE credit while working toward earning a digital badge.
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  • John S. Stoner, CPA, CVA

    The Importance of Business Wellness Checkups

    We all understand that annual physicals are essential to our long-term well-being. And just like an annual physical, periodic business assessments are essential to long-term success. The fresh perspective from an outside expert provides candid feedback that can be used to improve or sustain the health of a business.
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  • CPAs: Tailor Your Support of Exam Takers to Their Needs

    People seeking to pass the CPA Exam must plan up front with the end in mind, but they also need support, encouragement, and sometimes someone to hold them accountable. But each plan is unique. Partners, managers, and coworkers need to tailor their support to each exam taker's personal journey toward success.
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