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  • Robert Duquette, CPA

    Federal Tax Reform: Results so Far - Update!

    There have been meaningful economic updates since the publication of Robert Duquette's original analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We continue to have a strong economy in terms of several important measures, but our national real GDP growth rate and the skyrocketing debt are of grave concern.
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  • Meg Killian, VP Member Relations

    CPAs Are the Best Accounting Career Influencers

    The PICPA has been hosting programs for high school students for more than a decade, but with the creation of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation we have been able to grow our Accounting Career Days from two per year to 15 in 2019.
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  • Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

    Every year, taxpayers must decide whether to self-prepare their returns or pay for a professional to assist in filing. If you are considering relieving some of the burden by hiring a professional, this blog provides information that may assist you in choosing the right tax preparation path.
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  • Benefits of Mentoring: From the Mentor’s Perspective

    It can be difficult to entice experienced professionals to give of their limited time and mentor those who are following in their footsteps. To grow the mentor pool, we should emphasize three propositions: value to the mentor, ease of connecting, and a more natural structure for the relationship.
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