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  • Kate Zabriskie

    How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting: 10 Success Strategies

    The business world has rapidly adopted virtual meetings – whether it was ready or not – due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, many people struggle to translate the in-person experience to an online format. These 10 strategies will help you perform in the virtual world like a pro.
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  • Sean Stein Smith, CPA, DBA

    Taxes on Cryptocurrency: Open Items Remain for Practitioners

    Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets have been discussed in tax circles for several years now, but they remain open items for practitioners who offering comprehensive tax services in the space. Find out some of the most pressing issues that CPAs should be aware of as the extended July 15 tax deadline approaches.
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Professional & Technical Issues


  • Pennsylvania Primary Prep for CPAs

    As the Pennsylvania primary election approaches and we continue to grapple with the ongoing effects of COVID-19, it’s important to remember that your votes continue to matter. Elections are essential to the democratic process. Not only is 2020 a presidential election year, but there are other critical races, including U.S. Congress, statewide offices, and the state legislature.
  • Advocacy Amidst the “New Normal”

    Advocating on your behalf is usually an in-person endeavor, but our new world with a pandemic has complicated matters. The PICPA mustered an all-hands-on-deck effort to get and provide information from and to state officials and regulators. These efforts would not have been so well received if not for all our members who made a CPA-PAC contribution in 2019.

PICPA Initiatives

  • Coronavirus Impact on Business Detailed in New Survey

    The PICPA recently partnered with Avenue M to conduct a survey to determine how COVID-19 is impacting accounting firms and other companies nationwide and at the state level. Find out what Pennsylvania's 1,050 respondents had to say.

CPA Exam & Licensure

  • What's New with the CPA Exam: All-Year Availability!

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and the American Institute of CPAs announced that the CPA Exam now will be administered all year round. The removal of blackout periods means an increase of 75 more days each year to take the exam.

Careers & Lifestyles

  • Tips for CPAs Preparing to Enter the Remote Work Force

    Entering the public accounting world can be a daunting step in one’s professional life, and the COVID-19 pandemic has not made it any easier as firms have adopted remote working arrangements. This blog includes tips for emerging CPAs in acclimating to this new environment.
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