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  • Richard Fischer, CPA, CGMA

    Challenges Facing CFOs in 2019

    CFOs are constantly reminded of the challenges they face when it comes to managing the financial and reporting aspects of their organization and, to some extent, the organization’s operations. Recent surveys of CFOs and other key members of management have identified the top five current concerns among CFOs.
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  • Brandon D. Saylor, CPA

    Where Do I Go in Accounting, and How Do I Get There?

    If you want to excel within the accounting sector, you will want to ensure that you stand out in a sea of well-qualified professionals. Obtaining the certified public accountant (CPA) designation is one of the best ways to float to the top.
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  • CPAs: Tailor Your Support of Exam Takers to Their Needs

    People seeking to pass the CPA Exam must plan up front with the end in mind, but they also need support, encouragement, and sometimes someone to hold them accountable. But each plan is unique. Partners, managers, and coworkers need to tailor their support to each exam taker's personal journey toward success.
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