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Accounting as Part of STEM: A Critical Pipeline Need

Aug 11, 2022
In a rapidly changing world, it is vital that students are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). CPAs are fighting hard to have accounting education included under the STEM umbrella. Why? First, accounting already is a profession that requires high aptitude in technology, and it will become even more so. More importantly, though, inclusion as a STEM discipline will go far in enhancing the pipeline of prospective accountants.
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Is STEM the Root of Solving CPA Pipeline Issues?

Aug 1, 2022
Officially recognizing accounting as part of the STEM curriculum likely would encourage more school districts to devote additional resources to early accounting education. The additional resources would expose more students to accounting, increasing the number of talented students interested in studying accounting.
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PICPA Resources for Members During Economic Uncertainty

Jul 15, 2022
The state of the economy is top-of-mind for businesses and individuals, so it is paramount that CPAs remain focused on the many different measures and forecasts so they can best serve their clients, companies, or organizations. To that end, the PICPA is providing updates during this turbulent summer so you are prepared to offer sound advice.
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The State of Pennsylvania Firms Among Selected Features for Pennsylvania CPA Journal

Jun 20, 2022
Members of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal Editorial Board met in May for their annual meeting to plan the featured content for the 2022-2023 issues of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal. The group came into the meeting with their eyes on several critical issues facing CPAs, particularly in the areas of technical accounting, practice management, and the future of the profession.
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Interest Rates Rise: Find Out What the Fed Thinks

Jun 16, 2022
The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by the largest increase since 1994. Find out from Patrick Harker, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, what is behind the Fed's thinking on the hike.
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