Pennsylvania CPA Journal FAQs

How do I submit an article for publication in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal?

An author's guide to the Pennsylvania CPA Journal outlines submission procedures, deadlines, and editorial board contacts. Potential authors should contact appropriate board members listed, discuss topic ideas, and submit a draft. All Pennsylvania CPA Journal articles must be approved by our editorial board. Columns and features sent directly to the PICPA are forwarded to the appropriate board members.

What are the deadlines for submitting articles?

Spring issue (March distribution) deadline is Dec. 15
Summer issue (June distribution) deadline is March 15
Fall issue (September distribution) deadline is June 15
Winter issue (December distribution) deadline is Sept. 15

Do you archive articles and columns from past issues of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal?

Yes. You can search all Pennsylvania CPA Journal articles by using the site search feature at the top of the page. Columns and articles are archived from 2018.

How do I get permission to reprint an article in my magazine/newsletter?

Send a request via e-mail to Be sure to specify the distribution plans for the reprinted article along with the article title and the issue in which it appeared. We will send a letter of reply in about a week.

Do you have an editorial calendar?

Our editorial calendar is set every May, and can be found here.

Do you accept display advertising?

Yes. Display advertising is available. View ad rates, deadlines, and specifications.

Do you accept classified advertising in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal?

Classified advertising is available in the quarterly Pennsylvania CPA Journal for text-only advertisements of up to 40 words. Categories include: Merger/Acquisition; Office Space/Office Sharing; and Business Services. Discounted rates are available to PICPA members only - agency discounts do not apply. For rates, deadlines, and submission requirements, visit ad rates, deadlines, and specifications.

Are there any other ways to reach CPAs other than advertising in the magazine?

The PICPA offers several ways to increase your organizations visibility by marketing your products and services to its over 22,000 PICPA members. Electronically, you can advertise on PICPA website, and in the weekly e-newsletter, My PICPA Weekly. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are also available to personally interact with the membership.

For more information about these opportunities, visit our website or contact Kelly Waffle at