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Fall 2017

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  • Cyber Risk Requires Active Oversight

    At the 2015 White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection, President Barack Obama stated, “It’s one of the great paradoxes of our time that the very technologies that empower us to do great good can also be used to undermine us and inflict great harm. … Our connectivity brings extraordinary benefits to our daily lives, but it also brings risks.”
  • Lean Accounting Brings Focus and Direction to Company Performance

    Companies across all industries for the past 20 years have been adopting lean manufacturing as a strategy to improve performance. Lean accounting emerged soon after, and it has grown in recent years as a related strategy to align the financial side of an organization with the overall lean effort.
  • The Evolution of the CPA Exam

    Having spent 15 years of my career working in the testing industry, the last nine with the AICPA examinations team, I understand and appreciate the vital role assessments play in supporting their respective industries or professions.


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Lean Accounting Can Bring Numerous Benefits to Your Company

Listen to Robert E. Pozesky and John S. Stoner, CPA, CVA, as they discuss their fall 2017 Pennsylvania CPA Journal feature on lean accounting.

CPAs Must Know the Value Contribution of Nonprofit Programs

Listen to Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA, as he goes into more detail on his fall 2017 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Government/Not-for-Profit column.