Fall 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal - PICPA
Pennsylvania CPA Journal

Fall 2018 Edition


wolf vs wagner

Business Backgrounds Go Head-to-Head in Pa. Election: A Look at Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Candidates

By Peter N. Calcara, CAE

Explores the major issues affecting CPAs, as well as the positions of Governor Tom Wolf (D) and challenger Scott Wagner (R).



Wayfair Decision Paves Way for States to Gain Revenue from Online Sources

By Matthew D. Melinson, CPA, Jerry F. Glynn, CPA, and Kaley Walker

A detailed look at South Dakota v. Wayfair, a case that could drastically impact the collection of sales tax on online transactions.



CPA Retirement Is a Blank Canvas: Personalize Your Opportunities

By Jerry J. Maginnis, CPA

Shows CPAs approaching retirement age what they can expect as they transition from the office to a rewarding new phase of their lives.



Start-Up Growth Often Relies on the Work of Angels

By Robert W. Fesnak, CPA, CMA, CVA

Details the prominent role angel funders play in the success of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.



Help Clients Know Retirement Plan Fiduciary Rules Like the Back of Their Hands

By Robert A. Lavenberg, CPA

Details changes to the rules and regulations that impact qualified retirement plans, encouraging CPAs to be the eyes and ears for their clients when it comes to providing critical updates.



Accounting & Assurance


The Effect of South Dakota v. Wayfair on GAAP Reporting

By James J. Newhard, CPA

Spotlights the landmark Supreme Court decision on internet sales tax and how it will affect financial reporting issues under U.S. GAAP.


CPA Conversations Podcast

Listen as the author explores the effect that South Dakota v. Wayfair will have on financial reporting. Listen in >

Business & Industry


Look to Nontraditional Ways to Save on Health Benefit Costs

By Chris Van Buren

Offers ideas on how companies can drive down their health benefit costs via ways that are far from conventional, such as offering a medical concierge and working with a pharmacy benefit manager.


Careers & Lifestyles


CPAs on the Run: The Future of Corporate Fitness

By Alyzabeth R. Smith, CPA

Explores the connection between the accounting industry and running, touching on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s Total Worker Health Initiative and the rise of wearable fitness trackers being used in corporate wellness programs.



Data Visualization

Developing and Teaching a Data Visualization Course

By Cory Ng, CPA, CGMA, DBA, and Sheri L. Risler, CPA, CGMA

Studies the creation of a college-level course in data visualization, including steps such as developing the course learning objectives, registering for instructor resources, and designing the course with higher-order thinking in mind.


Emerging CPAs


Out-of-Office Behavior Has Professional Consequences

By Ashley L. Stampone, CPA

Dives into the effect social-media behavior outside of the office can have on a CPA's professional life, pointing out several high-profile cases where personal beliefs resulted in professional disaster.


International Tax


Answers Hard to Come by for Taxation of Foreign Earnings

By Ashley L. Spencer, CPA, and Shea N. Zebert, CPA

Examines provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that could be most impactful for multinational corporations.




Be Your Nonprofit’s Chief Financial Educator

By Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA

Urges CPAs to be the person in their nonprofit who ensures a solid level of financial understanding for entities like the board and executive leadership team.


Liability Lessons


Your Fraud Duty Is What a Jury Thinks It Should Be

By Jonathan S. Ziss, JD

Encourages CPAs to manage professional risk by recognizing the disconnect between the technical standards of the profession and the standard to which they would be held in the court of public opinion.


Litigation Support


Corporate Form Will Not Protect Owners from All Liability

By L. Erik Ringoen, CPA, CFF, CIRA

Explores the legal concept by which a court may hold owners personally liable for the debts and actions of their company.


CPA Conversations Podcast

Listen to the author as he takes you behind the scenes of the process called “piercing the corporate veil.” Listen in >



Changes to Uniform LLC Act May Have Unexpected Impact

By Herbert R. Fineburg, LLM

Looks at the Pennsylvania Uniform Limited Liability Act and the effect it will have on the governance of Pennsylvania LLCs in areas such as voting rights of members and duties of managers and members.