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Spring 2017

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  • Triple Net Leases: An Investment Opportunity Fraught with Peril

    As a CPA and a federal agent, I appreciate the importance of maintaining a current understanding of the proper application of accounting principles and the ever-evolving accounting landscape. Once you have a firm understanding of how legitimate businesses operate, fraudulent enterprises can become more apparent. This is true for lease agreements too.
  • Dynamic Decision Making through Data Visualization

    Vast amounts of data are generated every day – about 2.5 quintillion bytes according to estimates from IBM. This “big data” originates from numerous sources: from individual social media posts and text messages, to corporate supply chain management activities and financial transactions. Businesses are gaining valuable insights through the analysis of all the data they can gather.


Beyond the Copy

The Importance of Success Skills in Professional Development

Lauren M. Lear, CPA and Michael T. Romano Sr., CPA, authors of "The Importance of Success Skills in Professional Development," discuss the different success skills and the important role they play in the workplace.

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Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Information Systems Audits

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