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Tips on Reopening Offices Responsibly

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Meredith Toole of Talent Point Consulting discusses attracting and retaining talent in this quick video series.


Using Stay Interviews to Retain Top Talent

How Career Paths Can Help Millennials Grow in Your Company

Practice Management Guidance

  • Live the Succession Process

    Developing and cultivating the next generation of leaders and owners is a crucial part of any healthy CPA practice. While succession in CPA firms has received a lot of attention – even to the level of anxiety – for a very long time, not enough firms have figured it all out. In fact, according to the 2020 Rosenberg Survey, only a little more than half of the firms surveyed of all sizes had a written, approved succession plan in place. That percentage is far lower in smaller firms.
  • Mediation: A Better Solution than You May Have Thought

    Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the nuts and bolts administration of justice, there is a particularly troublesome backlog in the court system. Legislators at all levels and court watchdog groups are proposing methods to streamline the litigation process. One solution that may be gaining traction is the use of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.
  • Data Breach! What Should Be Disclosed?

    What do Uber, Equifax, and Target have in common? All were subjects of data breaches that compromised corporate records with resulting damage to the companies and account holders. The problems caused by a data breach are often compounded when the breach is not disclosed in a timely fashion.

Practice Management Blog Posts

  • Reflecting on the Future of the Profession

    To ensure the PICPA remains a valuable resource for CPAs across Pennsylvania, it is essential for the organization to provide future-conscious information and opportunities for 21st century CPAs and for CPAs to embrace the changes in technology and business practices. To that end, Dr. Daniel Susskind, fellow in economics at Oxford University, was the keynote speaker at PICPA's 125th Annual Meeting where he shared his view on the future of the profession.
  • Data Breach Litigation and Penalties Are Potentially Catastrophic to Your Practice

    A data breach at a CPA firm will likely require remediation and a forensic investigation; it may also require costly client notification. The road does not end there, however. Perhaps the most concerning results of a data breach will be the civil penalties and litigation.

Free Tool of the Month: 2021 Top Issues Commentary

The biennial Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) CPA Firm Top Issues Survey asks firms to rank the challenges that are of greatest concern to them.  This commentary reviews the recent 2021 survey results for each firm size in detail. It focuses on the top five issues in each size, but also includes key insights on top 10 results that may enhance the understanding of firms’ concerns.

This tool is an example of the turnkey practice management tools and resources PCPS delivers. PCPS is an add-on firm membership section within the AICPA. A PCPS firm membership, at only $35 per CPA with a maximum of $700 per firm, is a great investment for a broad range of practice management resources.

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Firm Culture and Its Impact on the Future of the Firm

Firm Culture Report

Explore PICPA's comprehensive report on employee benefits, firm values, generational differences, the talent pipeline, and succession planning.

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