Western PA
Emerging Leaders

Summit 2021

Fairmont Hotel

Nov. 11, 2021
CPE Credits: 5-Other
Free for those selected

You've earned your CPA and proven yourself a valuable asset to your company. You've mastered the technical skills, but want to refine your soft skills or take your career to the next level. This program features thought leadership, personal and professional development, and networking.

Complimentary registration includes CPE credits, lunch, a certificate of completion, and a happy hour celebration.

Nominate yourself or someone at your firm now. 

Due to limited space, attendees must be nominated to be considered for this conference. Nominees must be:

  • A PICPA member
  • A licensed CPA
  • Have worked in the accounting profession for five to 10 years
Jon Lokhorst
Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC is a leadership coach, speaker, trainer, and author. This topic is based on Jon Lokhorst’s new book, Mission-Critical Leadership: How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions.

What Does It Mean to Lead in All Directions?

Most leadership development focuses on a single direction within the organizational hierarchy: downstream to direct reports or subordinates. While it is important to be a good boss, leadership is much more than that. The best leaders learn to lead well in all directions. They lead upward to superiors and across among peers throughout the organization. And it all starts with self-leadership. This often overlooked or misunderstood leadership principle is essential to build a thriving and productive organizational culture.  

The Western Pennsylvania Emerging Leaders Summit will help you identify the strengths and struggles of your leadership style, work on your blind spots, an overcome obstacles in your career journey. Mastering these skills will put you on the fast track to advance as a leader:

  • Leading up as a superpower that can support your career advancement
  • Leading across as a way to build trust and influence in building relationships with peers
  • Leading down as you assume more responsibility within your firm or organization

Summit Bonus Session!

Meet PICPA's new CEO, Jen Cryder, as she presents a fast-paced professional issues update of the major trends disrupting the accounting profession. Understand where we are, where we’re going, and how you can stay ahead of the curve.


Nominate a rising star in your organization who demonstrates exceptional technical proficiency and a strong desire to develop as a leader. Attendees of this no-cost, special CPE event must be:
  • Nominated (self-nominations are acceptable and encouraged)
  • A PICPA member
  • A licensed CPA
  • An accounting professional with five to 10 years of experience
Nominations are due by Nov. 1.

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