Member Benefit Provider Application

For use by vendors wishing to promote products/services at a discounted rate to PICPA members.

Vendor Information

Product/Service Information

Target Audience(s):

Will you share revenue from sales to the PICPA and/or PICPA members?

Is your product/service available at this special price elsewhere?

Anticipated association revenue:

Anticpated Member particpation:

Please note: at no time should the PICPA be responsible for order or payment processing

Marketing Strategy

  • All marketing materials must be approved by the PICPA prior to distribution.
  • Your product will be highlighted in PICPA publications and online at and will feature the PICPA Member Service Provider Seal.
  • PICPA Member Benefit Provider vendors are required to spend a minimum of $5,000/year on paid advertising and/or sponsorships with the PICPA.
Which advertising/promotional option you are most interested in?

State Society References

General References

PICPA Member Benefit Provider Policies and Procedures

Before any new offer is approved, the vendor must submit an application to the PICPA business development manager detailing the product/service being offered. A copy of the material to be mailed and/or a sample product should accompany this application. Proposals will not be considered without an application unless PICPA requests a proposal.

The business development manager will review all applications and forward its recommendations to the executive director for approval. You will be notified in writing regarding the decision. Following notification, vendors must sign PICPA benefit provider agreement.

Marketing Plan
All products/services will be marketed under a vendor-developed detailed marketing plan to be approved by the PICPA.

PICPA member benefit providers are required to spend a minimum of $5,000/year on paid advertising and/or sponsorships with the PICPA as outlined above. Details will be outlined in the PICPA Member Benefit Provider agreement.

Vendor’s Statement