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  • D Is for Dysfunction in 2020 Election

    Dec 10, 2020
    Like all things this year, the 2020 general election season has been chaotic. With the coronavirus pandemic, the long delay in counting millions of mail-in ballots, and the poor showing of pollsters once again, some might think the D in democracy is better suited for dysfunction.
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  • Election 2020: Comparing the Candidates’ Tax and Economic Visions

    Sep 29, 2020
    If you are still weighing which candidate to vote for this November, this blog by Robert Duquette compares President Donald Trump’s tax plan vision for 2021 and what former Vice President Joseph Biden has proposed.
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  • PICPA Virtual Town Halls Bring Members Closer to the Action

    Aug 19, 2020
    The PICPA recently hosted a series of virtual town hall meetings in all 11 of our chapters. The Legislator Town Hall series gave members an opportunity to hear from our elected officials and raise concerns in an informal setting.
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  • Pennsylvania Primary Prep for CPAs

    May 21, 2020
    As the Pennsylvania primary election approaches and we continue to grapple with the ongoing effects of COVID-19, it’s important to remember that your votes continue to matter. Elections are essential to the democratic process. Not only is 2020 a presidential election year, but there are other critical races, including U.S. Congress, statewide offices, and the state legislature.
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  • Advocacy Amidst the “New Normal”

    Apr 27, 2020
    Advocating on your behalf is usually an in-person endeavor, but our new world with a pandemic has complicated matters. The PICPA mustered an all-hands-on-deck effort to get and provide information from and to state officials and regulators. These efforts would not have been so well received if not for all our members who made a CPA-PAC contribution in 2019.
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  • Successful Advocacy Requires Finding New Paths Forward

    Apr 13, 2020
    At this time of year, the PICPA government relations team usually is humming along preparing for PICPA’s annual Day on the Hill event. We had been contemplating changes to this annual gathering, but with the COVID-19 pandemic it seems our hand has been forced. It’s time to pursue new paths forward in advocacy.
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  • Pa. General Assembly Gives Dept. of Revenue Authority to Extend Filing and Payment Deadlines

    Mar 26, 2020
    The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed House Bill 1232, which amends the Fiscal Code and temporarily authorizes the Department of Revenue to extend tax filing and payment deadlines. The PICPA has spoken with state legislators about the need for consistency across taxing bodies and levels, and this legislation provides much needed clarification.
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  • Pa. Property Tax Reform: For Real This Time?

    Mar 20, 2020
    Most public policy issues get addressed in some form or fashion, while others never seem to get resolved. Pennsylvania school property tax reform is one of those issues that hangs around year after year. Believe it or not, progress is being made on this front.
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  • Pa. CPA Law: PICPA Working on Enhancements

    Mar 16, 2020
    The PICPA is seeking amendments to the Pennsylvania CPA Law that will enable CPAs to better meet the needs of an evolving industry. House Bill 2288 will codify the professional conduct standards and expand the scope of education applicable to an accounting degree, among other adjustments.
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  • Pennsylvania Opens Door to Taxing Membership Fees

    Feb 14, 2020
    On Jan. 31, 2020, the Pa. Department of Revenue issued Sales and Use Tax Letter Ruling No. SUT-20-001, which states that if membership fees include the transfer of taxable property in addition to nontaxable services, the entire membership charge is subject to tax. This presents a host of issues for the PICPA and other membership communities.
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  • Ever Receive a Dated Tax Notice from the Pa. DOR? Act 90 of 2019 Establishes a 10-Year Collection Window

    Jan 6, 2020
    House Bill 17, now Act 90 of 2019, was the culmination of more than a year’s work over two legislative sessions of the General Assembly by the PICPA and its friends in the legislature. Find out how difficult this advocacy process can be.
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  • Expungement in Pa.: Clear a Minor Infraction from Your CPA Record

    Dec 3, 2019
    Act 6 of 2018 gives the commissioner of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) the authority to expunge the disciplinary records of licensees under BPOA’s jurisdiction. But what does that mean exactly for CPAs in the state?
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  • CPA-PAC Closes in on Fundraising Goal: You Can Help Us to the Finish Line

    Nov 11, 2019
    The CPA-PAC – Pennsylvania’s sole CPA political action committee – ensures that CPAs have a voice in political matters that matter most to the accounting profession.
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  • Occupational Licensing Reform Needs a Guard Against Mishap

    Oct 7, 2019
    State lawmakers across the country are removing barriers to a person’s right to work in numerous occupations and professions. Some have taken the path of outright elimination of state licensing. The PICPA is taking an active role in protecting the CPA designation so the profession will not be caught flatfooted should similar legislation be brought up for a vote in Pennsylvania.
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  • Pa. General Assembly Set to Return to Harrisburg

    Sep 9, 2019
    Events in the Pennsylvania capital this summer have mostly consisted of a few public policy hearings, gubernatorial press conferences, and a handful of rallies. But one bill in particular was proposed that deserves our members’ attention: it focuses on property tax.
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  • Advocacy Never Rests: PICPA Works Behind the Scenes in Quiet Harrisburg

    Jul 22, 2019
    A quiet Harrisburg isn’t a license to stop advocating on behalf of the CPA profession. On the contrary, the quiet offers excellent opportunities. The PICPA government relations team is hard at work with key lawmakers, staff, and various state agencies on our fall session agenda.
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  • Pennsylvania Spending Plan Beats July 1 Deadline

    Jul 1, 2019
    A $33.9 billion Pennsylvania state budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year has made its way to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk with time to spare before the deadline. Find out who the winners were this budget season.
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  • CPAs Advocate for Tax Policy Upgrades in Washington

    Jun 17, 2019
    Members of the PICPA recently met with representatives from Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C., to share the CPA profession's view on four important topics: the IRS Practitioner Services Division, the fiscal state of the nation, federal disaster relief and the IRS, and taxation in the digital economy.
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  • Final Countdown to the 2019-2020 State Budget

    Jun 3, 2019
    There is a chance, it seems, that Pennsylvania actually will have a budget in place before the end of the fiscal year on June 30. It’s hard to believe if you've ever followed state budget negotiations, but it could happen.
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  • Commit to Advocacy When You Renew Your Membership

    May 6, 2019
    CPA-PAC is the only PAC to specifically represent the interests of Pennsylvania CPAs. If you are debating whether or not to support the CPA-PAC, consider what your colleagues are saying about it.
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