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Scenario: Claiming a refund for the sales tax paid on the purchase of wine which is then resold

Dec 13, 2016

Under Act 39, a wine expanded permit holder must charge sales tax to its customers on sales of wines. Additionally, the permit holder must also pay sales tax at time of purchase.  The permit holder/retailer can then claim a refund from the Department for the sales tax it paid upon its purchase of the wine which it then resold. What will be the reporting mechanism for obtaining this refund from the Department?


In lieu of a refund, Wine Expanded Permit licensees may recover the tax paid on the original purchase price to the PLCB when filing their Sales, Use, and Hotel Occupancy Tax return with the Department.  A licensee may claim a “Tax Paid Purchase Resold” (TPPR) credit on a sales tax return within three years of a purchase that is resold.  The amount of the TPPR credit may not exceed the total amount due for that return or be less than zero.

Unused TPPR credits can be carried forward on subsequent returns.  The licensee should keep documentation supporting the TPPR credit taken for at least three years from the date the return is filed.  

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Watch: 2019 Q&A with the DOR

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