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  • social security image

    Unforeseen Curve Hits Social Security Planning

    The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 has changed the planning landscape for Social Security benefits. There now are fewer planning strategies to consider or employ, but significant planning is still required to assist clients in making a decision about claiming Social Security benefits.
  • Harrisburg capitol

    Sales Tax Expansion Measure Narrowly Fails in the Senate

    A legislative measure that would have imposed a massive tax increase on Pennsylvania taxpayers and shifted more than $13 billion away from school property taxes was narrowly defeated in the state Senate on Nov. 23 by a vote of 24-25, with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack breaking the tie vote. The PICPA strongly opposed the plan.


  • renew license

    CPA License Renewal: Answers to Your Top Questions

    PICPA’s resource center team has fielded many calls and chats over the last month about both the requirements and the process for renewing a CPA license. Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we heard:
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  • Judy Herron photo

    Don’t Think “Estate,” Think Future Giving

    As your family gathers for Thanksgiving, I’m fairly certain estate planning isn’t high on the list of conversations you were planning to have around the table. On the other hand, with the family together, it might be just the time to have a talk on this very topic.
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Member Spotlight

PICPA Reading Chapter President - Frankie Aitken

Aitken,FrancesFrankie Aitken, Reading Chapter president, is an avid volunteer and an advocate for her chapter's Holiday Fundraiser luncheon on Dec. 4.

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