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CPA Conversations

  • Anatomy of an IRS Audit for Nonprofits

    Typically, it’s not welcome news to find out the nonprofit you work with – or for – has been contacted by the IRS Exempt Organizations Division for a review of its returns. Steve Glueck, CPA, a partner with BBD LLP in Philadelphia, briefly explains what CPAs should do after receiving this notification and the possible outcome of an audit or compliance check. Glueck will speak in greater length on this topic at PICPA’s 2018 Not-for-Profit Conference, May 14-15.
  • New A&A Standards for Employee Benefit Plan Auditors

    CPAs auditing employee benefit plans are dealing with a lot of standards, including SAS No. 132 and FASB ASU No. 2017-06. Additionally, the new tax law will affect CPAs working with these plans. JulieAnn Verrekia, CPA, and David Torrillo, CPA, of Torrillo & Associates LLC, provide an update on what auditors can expect. They will speak at greater length on this topic at PICPA’s The Changing Landscape of Employee Benefit Plans Conference on May 1, 2018.
Member Spotlight

Laurie Siebert - Lehigh Valley Chapter Member and Media Contributor

Laurie Siebert

Laurie Siebert, Lehigh Valley Chapter, provided insight to the Associated Press (AP) on what a tax return says about a person’s finances. The article was picked up by Philly.com, TimesOnline.com, WHYY and more.

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