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CPA Week of Service | Sept. 19-25
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  • umbrella photo

    Business Insurance: Do You Understand What Is Covered?

    The challenge for every business operator is deciding how much insurance coverage and what types of policies are needed to adequately mitigate risk exposure. To truly alleviate identified risks, though, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is covered in your policy and what is not.
  • New members

    Welcome New Members - July 2016

    PICPA welcomes the following new PICPA members who joined in July, 2016. Do you know anyone from your chapter?


  • Mark Eich

    How Construction Contractors Can Reduce Their Risk of Cybercrime

    If you are in construction and worried about your vulnerability to cyberattack, you'll need a collection of protections in place to help keep hackers at bay and safeguard your data. The first order of business is to establish internal controls over your IT processes and user functions.
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  • Alyzabeth Smith, CPA

    Running a Business with Your Head in the Clouds

    Storing information “in the cloud” is a nebulous concept for most. To put it simply, cloud computing is essentially a place to store a lot of stuff. If the cloud was tangible, it would be an organized and (theoretically) limitless version of your attic.
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Member Spotlight

Jessica Cassarly - Central Chapter President

Jessica CassarlyJessica Cassarly is the 2016-2017 Central Chapter president. She currently serves on the PICPA Corporate Finance Task Force and was a PICPA 40 under 40 Member to Watch in 2014. Join Jessica and the Central Chapter as they participate in Week of Service in September.

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