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  • Steve McNally, CPA, CMA

    The Art and Science of Enterprise Risk Management

    To achieve your organization’s objectives without too many surprises, and to prepare for the surprises that occur anyway, effectively leveraging risk management is mission-critical. By doing so, you can optimize the possibilities available to you. But how do you effectively leverage risk management?
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  • Williams, Barry_Thumb

    Year-End Tax Planning During the Tax Reform Process

    Tax reform is close, but it is not yet a done deal. Taxpayers, however, should do year-end tax planning this year as they always have, however they should use the pending legislation to consider possible alternate scenarios.
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CPA Conversations

  • The Technological Evolution of Accounting Education

    In a podcast dedicated in part to the work of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation, CPA Conversations sits down with Mary Jeanne Welsh, professor of accounting and department chair at La Salle University in Philadelphia, to discuss the ways accounting education has changed in recent years. Among the topics discussed are how systems designed for use with online courses have improved the experience for in-class attendees and the trends on students moving toward online learning.
  • What Is PwC Looking for in a New Hire?

    While opinions will vary among CPAs, many see working for a Big 4 firm to be an exciting beginning to their careers in accounting. But what are these firms looking for in an employee? What skill-sets must you have to get your foot in the door. And how important is it to achieve your CPA designation? (Hint: it’s important.) In this episode of CPA Conversations, Deanna Byrne, Philadelphia office managing partner for PwC, answers all of these questions and more.
Member Spotlight

James G. McGrory - CPA Voice Volunteer 

James McGrory

James G. McGrory, Greater Philadelphia chapter member and CPA Voice volunteer, recently provided insight to Financial Advisor magazine on tax reform and its impact on deduction strategies of high-net-worth clients.

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