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  • woman in crowd

    Quiet Contributors in an Unquiet World

    Most of us are familiar with the two general personality types: introverts and extroverts. Many CPAs tend to line up on the quiet end of that spectrum since our profession attracts more analytical types than sales and marketing.
  • Social Media article picture

    Tattletale: Social Media Can Reveal More than You Think

    Social media has altered the way employers find new employees. Selecting job candidates based on mailed-in résumés is as outdated as the typewriter. But the Internet not only facilitates finding qualified candidates, it can also be a valuable tool in investigating or monitoring prospective and existing employees.


  • Maureen Renzi

    Listen Up! Podcasts for CPAs

    CPAs who are looking for podcasts to stay current on professional and technical trends can now turn to the PICPA podcast series, CPA Conversations. The PICPA continually strives to give its members choices on how to get their information, and podcasts are an option that is growing in popularity.
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  • Tom Blaisse

    Revisiting the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

    In order to achieve true change, we must undergo paradigm shifts―to change ourselves fundamentally and not just alter our attitudes and behaviors on the surface level. That's where the seven habits of highly effective people come in.
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Member Spotlight

James Hogg - Southwestern Chapter President

J HoggJames Hogg is the Southwestern Chapter president for the 2016-2017 membership year. He is an AVP & senior auditor at S&T Bank in Indiana, Pa. Cool down and join the Southwestern Chapter for a Day at Idlewild & SoakZone on Aug. 7.

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