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  • Nancy Montanye

    There’s a Price to Pay if You Don’t Take an IRA Required Minimum Distribution

    Required minimum distributions are the minimum amounts that must be withdrawn annually from a retirement account. If they are not taken from your individual retirement account in a given year, any excess accumulation will result in an additional tax. Time is running out if you are required to make a withdrawal this year.
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  • Ira Rosenbloom picture

    Long Live the Firm Administrator

    As the leadership of CPA firms turns gray, the administrative details of running a firm become less tolerable. As future leaders rise through the ranks, their interest in these tasks tends to wane. The firm administrator is the one who covers the important management tasks that others are unwilling to do.
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Member Spotlight

Jason Skrinak - PICPA Committee Member & Tax Conference Speaker

Jason SkrinakJason Skrinak is a principal at RKL LLP and an active member of PICPA serving on PICPA Council and several legislation and taxation committees. He will be presenting a State & Local Tax Update at the upcoming 44th Annual Western Pennsylvania Tax Conference on Jan. 6 in Mars, Pa.

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