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  • Lafferty_Ryan

    Bonus Pay Best Practices

    Bonus time can be a difficult few weeks, especially if our bonuses don’t meet our expectations. Often, any expectation shortfall can be pinned on management missteps.
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  • Rachel Sargent

    Success Starts with Understanding the “Why”

    Maintaining an inquisitive nature is a major strength for CPAs. And taking the time to learn the "why" behind various principles and practices in industry will help you think holistically on all areas of business and open your thoughts beyond just the finance discipline.
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CPA Conversations

  • CFO Involvement Is Key in an Organization’s Digital Transformation

    Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation: everywhere you look, business processes are becoming more digitized. According to a recent report from RSM US LLP, CFOs need to take a larger role in driving the strategies of their organizations when it comes to technological progress. To discuss the report, we spoke with Bill Kracunas, a principal with RSM, about his takeaways from the responses.
  • Retain Your Future Leaders by Keeping Them Engaged and Invested

    In today’s competitive CPA marketplace, you must make sure that your best and brightest CPAs remain invested and engaged. To explore ways to achieve this goal, we spoke to Jennifer Wilson, partner and cofounder of ConvergenceCoaching LLC, in a wide-ranging discussion on some of the most pressing topics in the accounting workplace.
Member Spotlight

James Pittman – PICPA Student Member

James PittmanJames Pittman is an accounting student at Temple University. Learn about how attending a PICPA Accounting Career Day and winning honorable mention in a High School Essay Contest inspired Pittman to pursue a career in accounting.  

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