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  • Bags and Passport

    SMEs Hit the Road: Better Watch for Global Hazards

    The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and similar regulations across the globe have been a source of great anxiety for large publicly traded companies. There is significant risk of unknowingly becoming ensnared in the framework of rules, particularly as a company becomes more global. There are resources to help guide companies through these risks, but many appear focused on resource-rich, large multinational companies.
  • Handshake fading

    When Trust Fades: Gauging Client-CPA Success Factors

    CPA practitioners must exercise due diligence and professional skepticism in accepting and continuing all clients and engagements. A continual evaluation of the client (whether prospective or continuing) can keep a CPA’s exposure to litigation and financial controversy to minimal risk. And the foundation for this evaluation must be our Code of Conduct.


  • Rose Lamaestra picture

    The Temporary CFO

    CFOs, like any employee, could leave for any variety of reasons. Employers don’t want to have to hire the first person that comes along, but they do need someone with the expertise to fill this spot almost immediately. Many CPA firms can fill this CFO need until the company finds the right fit.
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  • Meg Killian, VP Member Relations

    You Wanna Be Where It All Happens? Learn How to Golf

    Every accounting program includes accounting and auditing, tax, and other core business courses, but no matter what your long-term career goals are there are additional courses you should consider to enhance your skills and increase your appeal in the job market.
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Member Spotlight

Tara Bender - Week of Service Participant

Tara Bender at Week of ServiceTara Bender helped plan and volunteered for two New Bethany Ministries events as part of PICPA’s 2016 Week of Service. Get involved and give back this holiday season at an upcoming chapter event.

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