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  • Alexandra Fabian

    EIT Bill Common Sense, but Making Law Is a Practice in Patience

    “Be patient. Good things take time” is a saying applied broadly and frequently. One area we don’t typically apply that phrase to is politics. Such has been the case for House Bill 866, which provides consistency and clarity to the local earned income tax crediting provisions.
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  • John Park

    Strategic Thinking…Focus on the Future

    Thinking strategically means you are able to see one or two steps ahead. But you need to have your head up so you can identify potential new opportunities to grow your business in a positive and profitable manner.
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CPA Conversations

  • No More Half Measures: Be Bold When It Comes to Board Risk Leadership

    As Walter White found out on Breaking Bad, half measures can be bad for business. That’s why Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA, a strategy consultant and executive coach for MFCCoach LLC in Morrisville, Pa., encourages board members of both for-profits and not-for-profits to execute a clear, authoritative vision when it comes to identifying and leveraging risk. In this episode, Cade discusses with CPA Conversations the needlessly negative connotation of risk, the leadership qualities of a CFO, and, yes, a bit of classic TV.
  • Tax Reform: Business Impacts Beyond Tax Rates

    The effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on corporate tax rates has been heavily covered. But what impact will it have on some of the more nuanced parts of business life, such as employee benefits and asset purchases? In a preview of his article in the upcoming Federal Tax Reform Guide presented by the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Aaron Risden, chief administrative officer for Vision Benefits of America in Pittsburgh, addresses these aspects and more.
Member Spotlight

Eric MacCollum - CPA Voice Volunteer and Media Contributor

Eric MacCollum

Eric MacCollum, Middletown, Del., was interviewed during WGAL’s tax phone bank in March and was recently quoted in Financial Advisor story on what wealthy clients should do if they owe money to the IRS.

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