Delegation of Funds

Legislator Committee Contributions

Sharing information about donations is essential for promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity in the political process, which are fundamental principles of a healthy democracy.

  • Transparency: Transparency in political spending helps maintain public trust in the political process.
  • Accountability: Disclosure requirements ensure that PACs are held accountable for their financial activities, which helps deter illegal or unethical behavior.
  • Informed decision-making: Access to information about PAC donations ensures that future donors, as well as voters, can make informed decisions when supporting a PAC or candidate.

The CPA-PAC has contributed to the following committees in 2024:

House Members

Benninghoff for Representative
Citizens for Dan Williams
Citizens for Jordan Harris
Citizens for Joshua Kail
Citizens for Seth Grove
Committee to Elect Dan Deasy
Committee to Elect Frank Burns
Committee to Elect Joe Emrick
Committee to Elect Robert Freeman
Committee to Elect Ryan Bizzarro
Friends of Aaron Bernstine
Friends of Arvind Venkat
Friends of Ben Sanchez
Friends of Bryan Cutler
Friends of Dallas Kephart
Friends of Danilo Burgos
Friends of Dave Delloso
Friends of Fee
Friends of Jesse Topper
Friends of Jared Solomon
Friends of Joanna McClinton
Friends of Joe Ciresi
Friends of Joe Webster
Friends of Justin Fleming
Friends of Keefer Committee
Friends of Keith Greiner
Friends of Kyle Mullins
Friends of Manny Guzman
Friends of Mary Jo Daley
Friends of Mike Armanini
Friends of Mike Schlossberg
Friends of Napoleon Nelson
Friends of Natalie Mihalek
Friends of Nick Pisciottano
Friends of Pat Gallagher
Friends of Patty Kim
Friends of Pete Schweyer
Friends of Steve Malagari
Friends of Tim O'Neal
Friends of Tina Pickett
Friends of Tom Mehaffie
Gaydos for PA
Greg Scott PAC
House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC)
House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC)
KC Tomlinson for State Representative
Kutz for PA
Leanne For PA
Mako for PA
Markosek Campaign
Marla Brown for PA
People for Abigail Salisbury
People for Mazie
Regina Young for the 185th

Senate Members

Aument for Senate
Baker for Senate Committee
Camera for Senate
Committee to Elect Dan Laughlin
Committee to Elect Scott Hutchinson
Friends of Carolyn Comitta
Friends of Devlin Robinson
Friends of Greg Rothman
Friends of Joe Pittman
Friends of Judy Schwank
Friends of Judy Ward
Friends of Kim Ward
Friends of Kristin Phillips-Hill
Friends of Nick Miller
Friends of Pat Stefano
Friends of Rosemary Brown
Friends of Tracy Pennycuick
Jay Costa for State Senate
Maria Collett for PA
Patriots for Coleman
Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC)
Steve Santarsiero for State Senate
Volunteers for Argall

Auditor General

Timothy DeFoor for Auditor General


Garrity for PA

PACS/Special Events


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