PICPA thanks the attendees and speakers of the 2017 Pennsylvania School District Conference!

A BIG round of applause to these organizations for being represented by multiple team members at the conference:

Barbacane Thornton & Company LLP
Herbein + Company, Inc
Jones & Company
Kochenour, Earnest, Smyser & Burg

Leitzell & Economidis, PC
Rainer & Company
SD Associates PC
School District of Philadelphia

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  • Matthew Wildasin

    Revenue Recognition Revisited for School Districts

    GASB Statement No. 33, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Nonexchange Transaction, was issued roughly 20 years ago, but it is still a relevant topic. Recent delays in subsidy payments and the rental subsidy moratorium have added an extra level of complexity to revenue transactions.
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  • Chris Herr

    Single-Audit Planning Under New Uniform Grant Guidance for School Districts

    New single-audit requirements will be mandatory for all audits with year-ends on or after Dec. 25, 2015. For school districts, the first period to be audited under the new rules will be those with years ending June 30, 2016. Substantial preparation will have to be done to conduct single audits in accordance with the new requirements.
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School District Articles

CPAs Cheer Passage of Desperately Needed State Pension Reform Bill

Read more from 2016-17 PICPA President Lisa Myer's letter to the editor.

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  • Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions for Local Governments

    Budgetary restrictions are something that just about every local government must deal with. One of the areas where they face challenges is data security, which makes them a popular target for cyber criminals. In this episode of CPA Conversations, Mark Burnette, a shareholder with LBMC Information Security, helps us examine some of the challenges these organizations face as well as offering some solutions for overcoming the obstacles.
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A Look Back at the 2017 Agenda

June 1, 2017 - King of Prussia & Webcast
  • GASB: What's Ahead?
  • GASB Nos. 72 and 75: Implementation Issues
  • Single Audit: Tips for an Auditor
  • Protecting Your Assets in an Automated Environment
  • Revenue Recognition Revisited
  • Fund Balance: Best Practices for Your District
  • Cybersecurity: Growing Concerns for Security in School Districts and Governments

2017 Speakers