Benefits of PICPA Membership

Belonging to the PICPA, a statewide professional organization with 22,000 members, provides you with the information and resources you need to advance your career and enhance your quality of service.

Top Reasons to Belong

Professional Education

1. High Quality Professional Education

Members get up to $100 off each PICPA course.
Members also get a discount on PICPA's ClassPass and can access the CPE History Tracker, which lets you know where you stand with your hours.

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2. Discounts on Products and Services

PICPA members receive exclusive discounts on insurance, UPS, Office Depot, CCH publications by Wolters Kluwer, and much more.

Member Benefit

3. Complimentary CPE

PICPA members can choose from a variety of pre-selected On-Demand and in-person learning opportunities. Learn on your time, on our dime.  

Fellow CPAs

4. 22,000 Fellow CPAs in Your Network

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5. Members Stay in the Know

The Pennsylvania CPA Journal, News & Views, Legislative Update, PICPA Connect, and more keep members informed about the issues affecting the profession. Members can also customize which e-mails and publications they receive in the communication preferences center.

Career Growth

6. Career Growth

Members have access to the Career Center for frequently updated positions and opportunities. They grow in countless ways by getting involved in various member-to-member and community outreach programs.

Networking Events

7. Networking and Fun Events

Chapters offer numerous networking events. Baseball games, picnics, volleyball tournaments, and happy hours are just some of the events going on across the state.


8. Leadership Opportunities

Committees​ offer a rewarding way to lead your profession and build your résumé. There are dozens of committees available at the local and state levels.

Successful Candidates
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More than 22,000 professionals belong to the PICPA for the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, expand their knowledge, give back to the community, represent the profession, and become a leader among their peers.

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