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  • Jim DeGaetano

    Creating Good Money Habits in Children

    Establishing solid money habits doesn't just emerge from establishing solid life habits. Saving money involves sacrifice and delaying gratification. This can be difficult for our children growing up in an “I want it now” world. Of course we want the best for our kids, but there must be a balance in our approach or they will grow up with unrealistic expectations. Consider these steps: Delay it, play it, say it, and display it.
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  • Oliver Arthur, CPA

    How Others See the CPA Profession and Its Impact

    A CPA career is multifaceted and opportunities are virtually limitless, yet the public and potential CPAs only see the tip of the iceberg. And that can be a problem. It's hard to get excited about a career as a CPA without being aware of all the varying aspects of the profession.
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