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Ethics and Opportunities of Voice-Enabled Digital Assistants Webinar


Feb. 15
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

CPE Credits



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This webinar is hosted by PICPA's partner, CPA Crossings. After registering, you will receive an email from CPA Crossings with the log-in information.


  • Identify leading risks, challenges and opportunities related to voice-triggered digital assistants 
  • Protect privacy and moral principles in new "all ears" era of audio surveillance
  • Highlight millions of professional and personal tasks that can be accomplished using your voice


  • Overview of virtual assistants
  • Interaction methods
  • Services offered
  • Devices and objects where found
  • Social and ethical impact and concerns
  • Discretion
  • Privacy
  • Data ownership
  • Data security
  • Voice recognition and digital wiretapping
  • Cyber-bullying and harassment
  • Algorithmic authority and "choice"
  • Commercial oversight and branding
  • Language and locational bias
  • Advertising
  • Voice analytics and conversational audits
  • Leading platforms
  • Voice assistant starter strategy for accountants


Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP is a professional development consultant to accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors and executives worldwide.
He advises high-skill practitioners how to thrive in the digital age and unleash their online potential using productivity, search, mobile and social technologies.

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