Effective Social Media: Building Relationships and Developing Impact (Not-for-Profit Conference)


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If you attended this session at the Not-for-Profit Conference on June 8-9, 2015, this course is considered a duplicate. The State Board of Accountancy will not accept credits for the same course twice.

Hear Pete Berol cover the following:

Discover how social media can be an effective relationship and development tool, and learn to create a social pipeline. Create relationships with fans to increase revenues for your organization using social media tools.

Earn CPE on the train! Learn about:

  • Marketing technology landscape
  • Expections
    • Fluent
    • Agile
    • CCRO - Chief Complexity Reduction Officer
  • What you will need
    • Plan
    • Process
    • People
    • Persistence
    • Prove


Pete Berol Husband, Dad, Business Leader, Recovering Marketing Guy. Speaker,Consultant, Aikido student, cooking  enthusiast, and life long Iearner.

A popular Speaker and Consultant, Pete studies the Japanese martial art of Aikido, loves cooking and is life long Iearner. In the past he has started his own companies, worked in fields as diverse as construction, event production,conference operations, higher education, and non­ profits. Pete brings a wealth of leadership and marketing experience to each of our clients from all those fields and is builder great teams that get good things done in a creative and fun way. As the President Red stone Management Systems, Inc. an Leadership and Marketing consultancy, with a focus on helping business stay focused.

Pete was a member of the management team at Eastern University. He served as the Executive Director of Direct Marketing where he is responsible for the University wide integrated marketing communications supporting an outreach to a diverse and inter-generational population.

At Eastern‘s Campolo School of Graduate and Professional Studies he is a respected member of the faculty in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. He teaches courses in business and leadership with a particular focus on marketing and leadership excellence.
Pete and his family live in Havertown, Pa


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