Combating Internal Fraud



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Fraud in the workplace is not new, however, statistics show that the number of instances of internally actuated fraud schemes is increasing. Additionally, because of all the changes that have come about due to recent upheaval, fraud risk is at an all-time high. This session starts by reviewing the many reasons that fraud occurs; it then looks at ways to detect internal fraud and finally explores control measures that can help to reduce fraud risk. Those that take the class will learn just how invasive and damaging internal fraud can be. They will also know ways to detect and thwart fraudulent activity.
  • Identify reasons employees and others internal to an organization choose to undertake fraudulent acts
  • Recall the types of control measures that work best as entities strive to mitigate fraud risk
  • Recognize specific internal control measures that can help to reduce fraud activities


PICPA Member: $109
Nonmember: $159

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Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Accounting/business professionals that need to learn more about internal fraud.


Karl Egnatoff

Taymes LLC