Work Your Way to CPA Podcasts

Work Your Way to CPA Podcasts

Becoming a CPA requires ambition, motivation, and quite a bit of dedication. We are here to help!

This podcast series will walk you through the journey of becoming a CPA. Throughout the series, we'll talk to CPA Exam providers, recruiters, educators, and successful CPA candidates to learn what you can do to succeed.

Episode 1: Selecting the Review Provider

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Episode 2: FAR Is by Far the Hardest

  • Hear from CPA Exam review providers on how creating a study plan is essential before jumping into your review course.
  • Learn why Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) typically takes the most time to study and master, and hear from successful candidates on their study strategies.
  • Learn how you can recover if you fail a section of the CPA Exam.

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Episode 3: Looking at the Accounting Landscape and Deciding Where You Fit Best

  • Learn from accounting recruiters about key considerations to make when deciding between public accounting and corporate accounting as a career.
  • Learn some tips from accounting educators about interviewing for a job or internship.
  • Hear from recent successful candidates about their personal experiences with interviewing and job transitioning.

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Episode 4: Evaluating a Job Offer

  • Learn about key considerations to make when evaluating a job offer—ranging from salary and benefits to location and work culture.
  • Learn from recent successful candidates about their personal job offer evaluation strategies.
  • Hear some parting words of wisdom from accounting educators on transitioning from student to professional.

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Work Your Way to CPA Podcasts
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