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Career Center for Pennsylvania CPAs

Set Your Sights High. Grow Your Career. Let PICPA Help.

When you graduate with an accounting degree, you're one step closer to a fulfilling CPA career.
Whether it's getting your first, second, or third job, each opportunity takes you to new heights with different responsibilities. You'll need help with interviewing skills, perfecting your résumé, and making decisions on whether to shoot for partner or excel in industry. The PICPA Career Center has articles, resources, job listings, member benefits, and a network of 20,000 accounting professionals at your disposal to help with those big career moves. Let's get started.

Students & Educators

From majoring in accounting to taking the CPA Exam, your career starts now. These resources for college students and educators can help you discover your next step.


Young Professionals

You have the job. Now how do you take your career to the next level? Learn from other young CPAs, recruiters, and experienced accounting professionals on how to accelerate your growth.



As you master skills and gain more responsibility, you may be eager to manage a team and supervise work. Perhaps you have your sights set on becoming partner. These tips will cultivate your career, grow your leadership skills, and dig into what it takes to become partner.


Public to Private

Are you considering a career transition into the private sector? Here, you can discover what to expect if you decide to switch to industry.


Firm Leaders

Business development and organizational strategy. Quality and performance management. Technology and talent. All of these are top issues you face as a partner. Tackle these high-level topics and use your PICPA connection to think big and find solutions.


Experienced CPAs

You have the experience. You have the insight. Now, push yourself to lead the profession and contribute to the pipeline as a mentor and committee leader.


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