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You have the experience. You have the insight. You’ve put in the work. Now push yourself to lead the profession and give back to the CPA pipeline as a mentor and committee leader. 



Blockchain Basics and Accounting

In this article, Kathleen Brunner suggests that all CPAs should have a basic understanding of blockchain’s role in maintaining a ledger of financial information and transferring the ownership of assets in a safe and verifiable manner.

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Succession Planning

A succession plan for your business means a better financial proposition and reduced emotional stress for you, your partners, and your family. The following insights will help you prepare.

Five Valuation Questions When Planning Your Succession

Valuation is critical when preparing for a business transition, whether it’s an acquisition by an outside party or a transfer of ownership to a family member or key employee. Here are five questions to ask so you can start the process off on the right foot and develop a realistic valuation of your business.

CPA Firm Succession Planning Priorities

In this podcast, Ira Rosenbloom of Optimum Strategies in Spring House, Pa., explores the musts in the area of succession planning. Among the aspects he discusses are team composition, organizational vision, and timeline concerns.

Have a Plan to Pass the Torch for Succession Planning Success

Having a well-thought-out succession plan is critical to the long-term viability of a business. Yet, according to PwC’s 2019 U.S. Family Business Survey, only 58% of family businesses have succession plans, and most of those are informal.

The PICPA has played an important role in my life as a professional within the accounting community. The Pennsylvania CPA Journal has been, and continues to be, an outstanding resource for industry-oriented subject matter, but for me it's been more than that. The Journal has been a terrific platform for connecting with others and maintaining a strong tie to the PICPA.


Ryan Lafferty, CPA

Leading a Committee

As the PICPA addresses the changing needs of our membership and the accounting profession, our committees are also evolving. As an experienced CPA, we encourage you to volunteer to share your knowledge and insight through committee involvement. 

The Value Chain of PICPA Membership

Learn more about how the PICPA's statewide steering committees, thought leadership committees, and local connection committees guide our team’s efforts in developing programs and services for our diverse membership. 

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PICPA resources to remain involved in your profession


PICPA Committees

Get involved on behalf of your profession.

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Succession Planning

Free on-demand service from Transition Advisors providing consultation, articles, and case studies on succession issues for members.

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Author Articles

Pass your knowledge on to the accounting community. Become an author for the Pennsylvania CPA Journal.

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Next Steps

Retirement. It’s a concept that, at an earlier time, seemed to be just that – a concept. But now it’s reality, and you’re getting ready to jump into this new phase of your life. That does not mean you have to say goodbye to the profession you love.    

Get Involved in the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

Passing on your love for accounting to the next generation is one of the most rewarding ways to give back. View the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation mission and vision and consider donating or getting involved on related committees.

Update Membership to Retired

Any CPA Member or Nonresident CPA Member who is neither working nor seeking employment may request a transfer to Retired Membership. Email membership@picpa.org and we will process your request.  

Determine Your Accounting Practice Worth

CPA firms considering an external succession via a merger want to know what they can expect to be paid for their firm. This blog offers some answers as you look toward the future.
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