As you master skills and gain more responsibility, you may be eager to manage a team and supervise work. Perhaps you have your sights set on becoming partner. These tips will cultivate your career, grow your leadership skills, and dig into what it takes to become partner.



Accordion Partners’ Puneet Sapra: Be Your Authentic Self while Achieving Success
In this CPA Now article, Sun Lee, CPA and tax partner with KPMG LLP, delves into the challenge of holding onto one’s authentic self, even when it is out of sync with one’s environment. 

Managing a Team

You finally earned a promotion to manager. But after the congratulations from colleagues and new business cards, it’s up to you to maximize this new role and grow into an impactful leader and respected colleague. 

Leadership Tips: Five Steps to Deal with Uncertainty

How do you work with uncertainty and vulnerability without going crazy? These five steps will assist you during times of self-doubt.

Mid-Career New Managers - Cultivate These Core Leadership Skills

You finally earned a promotion to manager. But after the congratulations from colleagues and new business cards, it’s up to you to maximize this new role and grow into an impactful leader and respected colleague.


Management & Leadership CPE

These management CPE courses provide techniques to impact your company's financial and operational success. Become a stronger leader, negotiator, and overall CPA.

Path to Partner

Firms are looking to change the culture and alter their demands in order to recruit and keep the most talented individuals who can someday step into the partner’s shoes. With a network of over 20,000 CPAs, many of whom are partners and managing partners at accounting firms of all sizes, the PICPA can help you prepare for your next step to partner. 

Answering Questions about the Path to Partnership

In this podcast, Amy Lewis, a partner with Maher Duessel in Pittsburgh, hopes to dispel some of the fears surrounding the path to partnership held by younger accounting professionals. She addresses such worries as whether it’s too stressful, how much personal time a high-level CPA might have to surrender, and, yes, how smart one has to be.

What Does It Take to Be a Partner?

In this article, four partners share their vision for success and explain the importance of developing internal practices to further their organization’s most valuable assets: their people.

Path to Partner

Being an active member within the PICPA, I have been able to meet outstanding professionals while having the opportunity to give back to the profession and the community. I am proud to be a part of an organization that supports our great industry.


Luigi Corrado, CPA

Business Development Opportunities

Developing a book of business is critical for both the success of the firm and the personal success of the individual. Not sure where to begin with business development? Let the PICPA help! 

What You Bring to a Board as a CPA

If you are a CPA interested in serving on a non-profit or for-profit board for the first time or increasing your board service, this session will explore why CPAs are so sought after for board positions, what steps CPAs should take to serve on a board, skills needed and the basis of board service

Business Development Plans While Keeping Socially Distant

CPAs need to adjust their tried-and-true business development techniques and prepare for a post-COVID-19 world that may look much different. These five tips can help.

Accounting Business Development on COVID Island

It has never been more important for those in the accounting industry to take time and reevaluate their own value proposition, their “plan,” their goals, and their networks. This blog details how that can be accomplished while stranded on "Covid-19 Island."

PICPA Committees

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Career Transitions

Demanding hours and high expectations aside, turnover in public accounting is also being driven up by today’s robust job market. Accounting professionals with a range of skills and diverse business knowledge, have career opportunities galore. If you are considering transitioning out of public accounting, the PICPA can be a resource for you to help you make those decisions. 

The Five-Year (Sw)Itch

Among CPAs, switching jobs isn’t the only lane to travel to achieve success. CPAs can also get off the highway and switch career paths: from public practice to private industry, or vice versa.

Preparing for a Successful Transition from Public Accounting

Preserving relationships, fostering enough experience, and finding the right opportunity to leverage your skills are all parts of a successful transition from public accounting, and it all starts with having the right mentality.

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Next Steps

Maybe you’ve decided to make the jump from public accounting to industry. Or perhaps you received that hard-earned promotion to partner. The next phase of your career requires you to refine your skills, expand your network, and make more significant contributions. The PICPA can help you navigate those next steps.  

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