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You have the job. Now how do you take your career to the next level? Hear from other young CPAs, recruiters, and accounting professionals with these tips to accelerate your growth. 



The False Choice of "Public or Private"

“Public or private?” All CPAs ask themselves this question at some point; often it's when seeking their first job or when they’re ready to move on after a few years in an entry-level position. While most of us have asked it, it is the wrong question to ask.

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Pros and Cons

What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning Out of Public Accounting

PICPA members share their insights into what they wish they knew before transitioning out of public accounting and what they have learn from their new roles in industry.

Make the Transition from CFO to CEO

The strongest CEOs are those who are the most fiscally responsible, so the move from CFO to CEO should be thought of as a natural progression. Read more on making this transition, along with some concrete action items.


A Public Accounting Return after Industry

Read a firsthand account of one CPAs move back to public accounting after a brief stint in industry.


Public accounting’s diverse clientele provided me with a grassroots foundation to grow my skills and experiences. Private accounting has afforded me a limitless opportunity to connect my profession experiences with my life’s passions. The PICPA has connected the different worlds for me and has been a part of every step along my career.

Brenda Beal

Brenda Beal, CPA
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

How to Pick a Sector

Preparing for a Successful Transition from Public Accounting

Each person will require a different set of skills and experience based on the industry and role being sought after. If a certain industry is more interesting to you than others, it is important to try and request clients in that sector. There are different complexities and judgments across industries, and the ability to intelligently speak to them and reference past experiences will set you apart.

Dissecting the Role of the Organizational Adviser

“CFO Whisperer” David Axson, a CFO strategist and adviser, discusses the role of the organizational adviser and how COVID-19 has shaped the function as well as the future for finance professionals.

New Skills Needed in Industry

Soft Skills Lead the Way in the Controller Evolution

Controllers must master many skills to ensure career success. Things like risk management, the ability to anticipate challenges, and technological savvy are near the top of the list. However, soft skills, such as managing people and building a positive team culture, have never been more important.

Finance Team: Reimagine Your Checklists 

Checklists externalize memory – they get the “dumb stuff” out of your head and free bandwidth for thinking, creativity, and judgment. Checklists are memory joggers that codify knowledge, clarify priorities, and provide a “cognitive net” to catch human errors resulting from failures of memory, attention, and thoroughness. Complexity is not routine, but checklists help make the management of complexity routine.

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