Young Professionals

How do you take your career to the next level? Learn from other young CPAs, recruiters, and experienced accounting professionals on how to accelerate your career growth.

Interview Skills & Résumé Building

Your résumé may look similar to others, but being a PICPA member can help set you apart.

Strengthen Your Communication Skills for Ongoing Success

People who are good communicators have more opportunities, no matter what role or industry they work in.

CPA Conversations: Accounting Internships Remain a Vital Ingredient of CPA Success

The accounting internship is one of the many aspects of the CPA experience that has been changed dramatically by COVID-19. Still, it remains a great way to set a would-be CPA’s career on the path to success, whether it is conducted virtually or in-person.

Getting involved in the PICPA early in my career has given me exponential opportunities as I grow in the profession.


Breana Liberoni, CPA

Building Your Skills & Expertise

Growing in your career requires continuous learning. This is especially true when transitioning to a new role, shifting your areas of expertise, or looking forward to that next promotion. Having a plan for obtaining professional development is an important step.   

What You Bring to a Board as a CPA

If you are a CPA interested in serving on a non-profit or for-profit board for the first time or increasing your board service, this session will explore why CPAs are so sought after for board positions, what steps CPAs should take to serve on a board, skills needed and the basis of board service.

New Managers: Cultivate These Core Leadership Skills

You finally earned a promotion to manager. But after the congratulations from colleagues and new business cards, it’s up to you to maximize this new role and grow into an impactful leader and respected colleague.


Management & Leadership

Become a stronger leader, negotiator, and overall CPA with PICPA management CPE.

Finding a Job

As the economy changes, those seeking a job more than ever need to be able to adapt to the new environment. Without this crucial self-evolution, competition may get the best of you, meaning that someone who doesn’t necessarily have better qualifications but does have a refined outlook may get the job instead. The PICPA offers tips on how to find (and get) the job you want. 

Navigating Career Changes During COVID-19 and Beyond

Typically, we see professionals make career changes when they are unhappy with their job, team, compensation, benefits, or are looking for a better quality of life. These factors have been primary drivers in the past and will continue to be into the future.

3 Résumé Tips to Get Recruiters to Call You Back

The purpose of any résumé is to move you to the interview stage, making it a crucial first step in the hiring process. So how do you make your résumé stand out and convince recruiters to spend more time on it?


PICPA resources to propel your career

PICPA Job Board

With postings updated weekly, this is the best place to find your next career move.  

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Résumé Assistance

Learn how to present yourself on paper to maximize opportunities.

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CPA Exam Resources

Get the information you need to take the CPA Exam and secure your license.

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Building a Professional Network

Being connected to fellow CPAs plays an important role in advancing your career. Your peers and role models can offer guidance as you explore new opportunities, and help you stay informed while providing constructive feedback. 

Professional Networking Tips for a Pandemic

The hardest part of networking is always getting a conversation started. Now, CPAs share the common bond of their pandemic experiences. Read more to learn seven tips on making connections while working remotely.


Next Steps

Now that you’ve successful navigated through your first job, you may be starting to think about what’s next. The PICPA has resources you can use to help you build your professional brand. 

Thought leadership

Stand out as a thought leader in the profession. Write a blog, be a guest on the CPA Conversations podcast, or join a PICPA committee.

Find Your Mentor

Stand out as a thought leader in the profession. Write a blog, be a guest on the CPA Conversations podcast, or join a PICPA committee.

Share resources with your peers

PICPA Firm Ambassadors are an elite group of young professionals who serve as a link between their firms, their professional networks, and the PICPA. Learn more and apply to be a PICPA firm ambassador.