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Member Benefits

Belonging to the PICPA, a statewide professional organization with 20,000 members, provides you with the resources you need to expand your network, engage in your profession, and advance your career. 

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Membership includes

 Free CPE

More than 30 hours of free CPE per year with monthly town halls, professional issues updates, free member programs, and self-study CPE Academy courses.

 Exclusive Savings

Up to $100 off CPE courses, exclusive unlimited discount packages, and discounts on CPA products and services.

 Member-Only Subscriptions

Quarterly Pennsylvania CPA Journal articles for technical information and PICPA Connect member only discussion boards for important tax updates. 

 Updates from Top Experts

Free for members, a rotation of timely webinars provide updates from top industry experts. View all PICPA programs included in membership.

 CPA Network

From virtual discussions to local events, PICPA members can build a strong network within corporate, public accounting, or the overall Pennsylvania accounting community. 

 Community Involvement

Membership supports the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation to help support future CPAs and increase awareness for the profession.


Representation before the Pennsylvania General Assembly, State Board of Accountancy, and other regulatory bodies on business, tax, and CPA licensing issues.

 Career Support

PICPA's Career Center provides career growth guidance through articles, a mentor directory, and a Pennsylvania accounting specific job board.

PICPA Members Are Saying ...

I learn something new every day - from team members at my firm, from clients I serve, from my peers at the PICPA, and the list goes on! 

Sarah Jakubowski

Being a CPA allows me to tap into organizations, such as the PICPA, for continual learning and interactions with incredible professionals. Being a CPA gives me the perspective to recognize that success is more than just the numbers. 

Michael Cade
Strategy Consultant & Executive Coach - MFCCoach LLC

The Pennsylvania CPA Journal has played an important role in my life as a professional within the accounting community. It has been, and continues to be, an outstanding resource for industry-oriented subject matter, but for me it's been more than that. The Journal has been a terrific platform for connecting with others and maintaining a strong tie to the PICPA. 

Ryan Lafferty
Partner – Attolon Partners LLC

For anyone starting out, you can't beat a PICPA membership for the community and networking that it will provide. 

Marsha Rubin
PICPA Member Since 1980

Being an active member within the PICPA, I have been able to meet outstanding professionals while having the opportunity to give back to the profession and the community. I am proud to be a part of an organization that supports our great industry. 

Luigi Corrado
PICPA Member Since 2010

I think the taxation listserv [PICPA Connect] by itself is worth my annual dues. It is a great time-saver and provides me, as a sole practitioner, a great source of comfort knowing that others have similar issues and how they handle those issues. 

John Millon
PICPA Member Since 1981

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