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Single Audit Developments

Explore the ins and outs of the single audit, and learn how to tackle the complex compliance requirements.


COVID Relief Funding and Single Audit Rules

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in widespread economic devastation as a result of health and safety protocols. To relieve impacted business, the U.S. government provided historic levels of federal funding. The responses, including the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, provided billions of dollars to businesses, state and local governments, and not-for-profits. While the funding provided much-needed relief, the assistance comes with added complications for many.
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Single Audits Compliance Season Is Upon Us: Are You Ready?


Once upon the time, there were no compliance audits as we know them today. Some CPAs find the world of single audits to be dry and weary; others enjoy the clarity of the rules and perceived simplicity of the conclusion-making process. The reality is that, just like anything else in the accounting world, compliance audits are guided by a set of rules that only seems to be getting more and more complex every year.
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Health Care COVID Relief Reporting: Clouds Beginning to Lift


Though we recognize some uncertainty will drift into 2021 -- when and how will a vaccine be distributed and is another round of PPP or other government grants coming -- it seems that the accounting and reporting requirements surrounding government funding has become clearer, which is hopefully a foreshadowing of bluer skies in 2021.
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Catching Up on Developments in the Single Audit Sphere

Diane Edelstein, a partner with Maher Duessel, shares changes to uniform guidance and considers the status of the 2020 compliance supplement.

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