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This group addresses federal, state, and local taxes for small-business and personal income tax returns.

Corporate Finance

CPAs in corporate finance can turn to their peers for advice on making the transition from public accounting to a corporate environment. Sample topics include risk management and insurance, technology, and governance and strategic planning.

Specialized Industries

For CPAs serving clients or working in industries such as:
o Agribusiness
o Business Valuation
o Construction
o Employee Benefit Plans
o Health Care
o Insurance
o Personal Financial Planning

Open Forum

Post your discussion here for access to the expertise of PICPA members across all areas of interest. This discussion is recommended when none of the specialized areas fit your need.


This discussion board is for accounting educators to discuss issues important to the profession.

Firm Liaisons

This discussion board is for firm administrators to discuss issues important to them and the profession.


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Taxation Software
Users Groups

These forums are for software users who are looking for quick tips, troubleshooting ideas, or updates on this software. We do not suggest that you use this in lieu of the support offered by the provider. 

ATX Users
CCH Prosystem FX Users
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