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  • Troy Cannode, CPA

    IRS and Cryptocurrency: New Revenue Ruling Expands on Guidance

    The IRS issued two new pieces of guidance that provide additional clarity regarding the taxation of virtual currency. These documents expand on IRS cryptocurrency guidance issued in 2014.
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  • Richard Fischer, CPA, CGMA

    Challenges Facing CFOs in 2020

    CFOs in virtually every industry, size of organization, and geographic location are constantly reminded of the challenges they face when it comes to managing the financial and reporting aspects of their organization and, to some extent, the organization’s operations. Based on recent surveys, here are the top six concerns for CFOs going into 2020.
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  • Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

    Every year, taxpayers must decide whether to self-prepare their returns or pay for a professional to assist in filing. If you are considering relieving some of the burden by hiring a professional, this blog provides information that may assist you in choosing the right tax preparation path.
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  • Benefits of Mentoring: From the Mentor’s Perspective

    It can be difficult to entice experienced professionals to give of their limited time and mentor those who are following in their footsteps. To grow the mentor pool, we should emphasize three propositions: value to the mentor, ease of connecting, and a more natural structure for the relationship.
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