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  • Meg Killian, VP Member Relations

    Your 2019 PICPA Renewal Guide

    The PICPA has been busy this past year making improvements to our CPE experience, adding lots of news and information content, and creating more ways to connect with your peers. As you renew your membership this year, make sure you are aware of, and are taking advantage of, your many PICPA benefits.
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  • Amy Franko

    Build a Better Book of Business through Modern Business Development

    To succeed in the new client economy, you need to become a modern business developer. Modern business developers exhibit five key capabilities that set them apart: agility, entrepreneurship, a holistic view, social awareness, and ambassador skills.
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  • Challenges Facing CFOs in 2019

    CFOs are constantly reminded of the challenges they face when it comes to managing the financial and reporting aspects of their organization and, to some extent, the organization’s operations. Recent surveys of CFOs and other key members of management have identified the top five current concerns among CFOs.
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  • Auditing Investments in Employee Benefit Plans

    Donna M. Massanova, CPA, will present “The Ins and Outs of Auditing Investments” at PICPA’s Employee Benefit Plans Conference. Here, Massanova provides a preview of what will be covered in her presentation.
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  • Self-Care Is Essential for CPA Exam Readiness

    To effectively take the CPA Exam, you need more than just what you have learned. You must also be ready mentally and physically. Patricia Hartman, director of client services for the National Association of State Board of Accountancy, discusses steps exam candidates should take as they prepare for the rigors of exam day.
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