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  • Couple with retirement worries

    Taxes on Retirement Income: Pa. Treatment of 1099-R Distributions

    One of most disturbing things for any tax preparer is to have a client notify them that they received a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue proposing an increase in their income tax. Often, these letters are adjustments to taxable income because distributions on 1099-Rs are treated differently on Pennsylvania returns than on federal tax returns.
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  • cryder_jennifer90x90

    PICPA Council Focuses on Bolstering Member Connections

    At PICPA's December 2019 Council meeting, two themes arose from the discussions: the importance of personal interaction and the vital role our chapters play in facilitating those connections. PICPA members want a sense of community and connection, and Council had some strong thoughts on the matter.
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  • Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

    Every year, taxpayers must decide whether to self-prepare their returns or pay for a professional to assist in filing. If you are considering relieving some of the burden by hiring a professional, this blog provides information that may assist you in choosing the right tax preparation path.
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  • Benefits of Mentoring: From the Mentor’s Perspective

    It can be difficult to entice experienced professionals to give of their limited time and mentor those who are following in their footsteps. To grow the mentor pool, we should emphasize three propositions: value to the mentor, ease of connecting, and a more natural structure for the relationship.
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