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  • Jim DeLuccia

    New GASB Standards and Their Effects on School Districts

    Christopher Turtell, CPA, and David Nester, CPA, both of whom spoke about GASB updates at PICPA’s 2019 School District Conference in May, recap their discussion on recently implemented standards and their potential effects on school districts.
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  • Maureen Renzi

    You Should Hear What PICPA Is Talking About

    The PICPA is a leader among state CPA societies in embracing podcasts as an effective and valuable member service. If you are excluding yourself from this medium because of some perceived age barrier, don’t. Podcasts are not just for kids.
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  • Pa. General Assembly Set to Return to Harrisburg

    Events in the Pennsylvania capital this summer have mostly consisted of a few public policy hearings, gubernatorial press conferences, and a handful of rallies. But one bill in particular was proposed that deserves our members’ attention: it focuses on property tax.
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  • Advocacy Never Rests: PICPA Works Behind the Scenes in Quiet Harrisburg

    A quiet Harrisburg isn’t a license to stop advocating on behalf of the CPA profession. On the contrary, the quiet offers excellent opportunities. The PICPA government relations team is hard at work with key lawmakers, staff, and various state agencies on our fall session agenda.
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  • How to Help Your College Student Build Good Credit

    Your child’s credit history will be crucial when he or she eventually looks to rent an apartment, buy a car, and even find a job. You can assist in all these areas and more by helping them establish good credit while still in college.
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  • CPA Exam Offers Quicker Retesting Schedule

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy's board of directors recently approved changes as to when and how candidates can sit for the CPA Exam. Check out this adjustment and review some other recent updates.
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